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2004 Player of the Year


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Dec 18, 2002
Tel Aviv
Re: Congratulations Joel Bowden-PRE player of the year.

evo said:
The fact that "good judges" like Redford and Ridley would bag him unmercifully always meant he was a shoe in for our best and fairest.

Expect a big season from Ottens in 2005. 8)

No Evo. Expect us to do the usual Richmond thing and laud and get carried away with a guy who has been a perennial underachiever - just because he's had a good half season. He's had a good half season, and that's it. Nothing more. He's been there for what ? 7 years ? I guess now is the time to sign him up to a 5 year deal at $500,000 pa. Geez. For once can Richmond people keep things in perspective......?

And as for The Big Donut. Yeah. I expect a big season from him too. In Adelaide colours. ;D


I wuv the Tiggers
Aug 10, 2003
Re: Congratulations Joel Bowden-PRE player of the year.

Talking of donuts - I wish to enter a protest!

Not against the winner (well done JB), but there has been a gross insult to poor old Con and it needs to be redressed.

Con? Con who? you might well ask. Con the bloody jam donut vendor who polled so well in the early rounds.

I offer the following as evidence:

Round #11 vs. Roos, post no 11 (Roar34):

As I had the good fortune NOT to have seen the game, I can only give 3 votes to the jam donut vendor on the basis that one cannot bugger up jam donuts - the same reasoning cannot be applied to the Richmond Football Club!

Football? Ever heard of it, guys? Ever seen it played? Here's a hint - borrow a video of the Brisbane/Port game, now that's football!

P.S. to whoever is keeping score - from my calculations, the jam donut vendor now has 10 votes thus putting him 6th last and breathing down the neck of Fiora [a mental vision that I choose not to pursue any further!].

Could said jam donut vendor please be accredited with said votes and, c'mon folks, let's all get behind the j.d.v. and show him that his art is truly respected!

[see, Con, I told you I would get you international recognition . . . now, about those extra donuts . . . oops! are we still on camera?]

By my calculations, those ten votes puts the jam donut vendor well ahead of Chaffey and still breathing down Fiora's neck. Goodonya, Con, bewdy!