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2019 Punt Road End Player of the Year 2019 Champion Dusin Martin


Tiger Champion
May 6, 2008
houli..just rock solid all day....loved how he picked grubby greene up after greenes hard tackle..put his arm around him..spoke..greene put his arm around him for a second and they walked off smilling and laughing...that was a lovely moment...and just typical of bachar

marlion...those entries into the fifty..the silky skills..how many times to he kick to players for goals?..the bling turn ..the goal..the whole story..

dusty,,dynamic..exposive..inspiring..brilliamnt..heroic....and he told razor ray to F54k off

if i can mention george....if hi had off snagged a couple then he gets the norm smith speed and run was magnificent,..we love you george

jack,,,,5 golas..

shorty and baker and soldo and nank

but it was a brilliant team effort..how great was everyone.....godwe were great
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Tiger Legend
Aug 9, 2014
3 Dusty
2 Houli
1 Reiwoldt

Special mention to the whole backline, they were sensational keeping GWS to their lowest score ever and lowest GF score since 1960.


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Apr 6, 2014
3. Martin
2. Houli
1. Vlastuin

Our backline choked them - every one of them was dominant; Dusty as usual burst the game apart.


Tear 'em apart
Sep 10, 2003
3 Dusty
2 Down-the-line-Dave.
1 Cotchy

very tough to give votes, just went with gut feeling apart from Dusty. Saw a lot of DTLD at close quarters due to my seat, best game I've seen him play, and Cotchy tackle on mumford was one of my favourite moments of the season. Big frustration to not be able to vote for Marlion, Bachar, Dion, George. And Jack was huge too but missed out because his opponent was on one leg, thats how tough it was to split!

Cheers! Here's to us!