2021 Punt Road End Player of The Year Round 18 vs Brisbane At Metricon | PUNT ROAD END | Richmond Tigers Forum
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2021 Punt Road End Player of The Year Round 18 vs Brisbane At Metricon

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Nov 25, 2004
Some votes for the lesser lights

5 chol
4 ross
3 mansell
2 rioli
1 for Mr Nankervis the man, the legend


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Apr 6, 2014
5. Nank da Tank
4. JR8
3. Chollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
2. Fridge
1. Rioli
(Grimesy stiff as .5)
Ditto from me. having been voting much this year, but had to for this excellent win in JR8's 300th.

Reckon Grimesy not happy you describing him as (only) " ... stiff at .5"
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Sammy Cougar

Goodness Gracious me The Tigers have got Another
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Mar 6, 2004
Voting Closed and this will be locked and a new thread will be made as i have to redo all voting again due to lose of PC
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