2021 Punt Road End Player of The Year Round 8 Vs The Salty Cats Geelong | PUNT ROAD END | Richmond Tigers Forum
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2021 Punt Road End Player of The Year Round 8 Vs The Salty Cats Geelong


Delisted Free Agent
Nov 8, 2005
5. Baker - changed the game with his ferocity up forward
4. Broad - without him we'd be a lot more goals behind at half time
3. Nank - just doesn't stop competing, winning and hurting
2. Lynch - was always going to have a big one after the media pile on
1. Bolton - Star

Feels wrong to leave Houli and Cotch out.


Tiger Legend
Aug 9, 2014
5 Baker - absolutely single-handedly turned the game for us.
4 Bolton - untouchable
3 Broad - played on tall and short tonight and killed them
2 Nanks - nothing you can really say, competitive beast
1 Lynch - hopefully he's back.

Sorry Cotch , you were superb too.


Tiger Legend
Jul 24, 2003
5. Bolton
4. Baker
3. Lynch
2. Broad
1. Cotchin

Broady never plays a bad one. Nank is an animal. Marlion gets better and better.

MD Jazz

Tiger Legend
Feb 3, 2017
5 Bolton
4 Nank
3 Lynch
2 Baker
1 Houli

sorry to broad and chimp
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Tiger Legend
Jan 28, 2004
Tough tonight in good circumstances.

5 Bolton
4 Nankeevis
3 Lynch
2 Baker
1 Houli

Apologies to heaps.