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Accident On Punt Road


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Dec 18, 2002
Richmond ! The Heartland !
Can anyone confirm if this story is true or not ?

Apparently, Danny 'Big Kev' Frawley wanted to get new young recruit Jay 'Sargent' Schulz a lot fitter before the start of the season, so he instructed him to do end to end kicking with Duncan Chumpaway. However, Big Kev being Big Kev, he got them both to do it on the Punt Road side of the ground.

Unfortunately, Chumpaway kicked one out on to Punt Road, hitting the windscreen of an oncoming car which in turn caused a 3 car pile up. Now all the occupants of the 3 cars are suing the club.

Does anyone know if this is true or not ?


Older than I've ever been
Dec 17, 2002
Hadn't heard the job was vacant, but here's hoping.

Let's hope the story is true. Maybe now that Duncan's kicking is going to cost us money instead of goals, they might take him aside and teach him how to do it.

How's your car rosy? Not too badly smashed up I hope? Still, that'll teach you to keep your eyes on the road ;D


The Tigers Spine
Dec 18, 2002
Poor old Dudcan. Leave him alone. Let him finish his days in the VFL were he belongs. ;D


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Dec 19, 2002
if it was true we could argue and win no doubt that[a]by car 1 braking caused the 2+3 why were they so close to car should drive behind a car at a distance and speed that would prevent a collision.[c].if we want to get techinical here and unless the football in question doesnt link it with our club burden of proof that it was kicked from one of our players and from punt road oval.[d]just say the only player out there at the time was judge in there right mind would rule that duncan was capable of kicking over the see there is benefits in having duncan at the club ;D


Get in my belly
Dec 18, 2002
scraping the barrel from my old uni days, Richmond could argue "Force Majure" meaning "freak of nature".

Although the defence is usually used for example when a farmers cow runs ammuck, it could be used to argue that Duncan kicking over the netting at the punt road end was a one off "freak of nature"