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AFL Pick 3 2022

Total Tiger

Tiger Champion
Apr 13, 2009
Jeez, forgot to do these. I'd have got Collingwood too. Would've missed Freo.

Still have time to go Lions.


Tiger Champion
May 23, 2010
Round 21 Orrible round but no change in Leader Board

47 Dan Minogue
46 Tiger Ghost
43 Mopsy
42 David SSS
40 Tigers 1980
39 Lets Roar, Number 8, Snags
38 Craig, Brodders 17, Total Tiger
37 Tigertim
35 Tigers 54, Wayne, Yinnar Tiger
34 Sammy cougar
33 Gold 1, Tommys Tigers
32 Back Pocket Plummer, Quickdraw, 14 tempany
31 Tigerman, T Bar tiger
30 Mr Poshman
26 Maneevo
23 Tigaman


Tiger Legend
Dec 11, 2017
Hmm, here we go again, challenging.

South Melbourne
Port Adelaide

No idea really, but I reckon Collingwood are due for a loss (would prefer they wait until finals though) and South at the SCG would be a possibility.