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Apr 15, 2007
melbourne, victoria
Between 1999 and 2013, 158 players had ACL knee reconstructions. 121 recovered to play AFL again. 48 players of the 158 suffered another ACL injury on either knee. This doesn't look at how well performed players were after their ACL.
Tigerlove it would be great(if not done already) by the AFL to see what impact those players had that went on to play good footy after an ACL.
Obviously we tend to remember the ones that did it again and even again.
The Tigers did have a few hard luck stories that were not the same.

I wish i had time to sit down and collate this information. I reckon it could provide some useful data for the AFL and clubs.
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Don’t Argue

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Jun 22, 2019
Rancey will lose a yard after a knee reco at 30.

that will affect his closing/intercept game.

I reckon he will need to be re-cast in a new role.

maybe Rance becomes Dave? or yeah Broady?

However it plays, I will be truly astonished if we havnt seen Rancelot's best.
Be prepared to be astonished.
He’s been astonishing everyone for the last 6 or more years and won’t stop now.
If Jesus came to town they’d have to play him in the pocket. Rance making way for anyone is crazy talk.
I’m looking forward to revisiting this conversation at the London on the Sunday after the raising of the 2020 cup next season.
All hail Rance
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Oct 8, 2004
If there's one Role that Rance can fill if required next year is to be used as a pure stopper.
With all reports he has increased his running ability.
Wouldnt mind seeing him standing next to Cripps in round 1or against Fyfe in round 23..
We have so much flexibly in our side. Stack Edwards Big V etc.

The Big Richo

Aug 19, 2010
The home of Dusty
Larkins is, and always has been, a panic merchant of the highest order. If there’s an extreme conclusion to be reached, Larkins will get there.
Yeah, there's a reason he's no longer a club doctor anymore.
Exactly Carn. Exactly. Dont listen to anything that Doctor says !
He loves a trip down media street but make no mistake the bloke is very knowledgable and widely consulted on sports medicine by AFL clubs.

Andrew Daff, who is one of our doctors along with Greg Hickey, is one of his partners at Epworth, as is Bruce Reid (Essendon) and Gary Zimmerman (Bulldogs) and Bianca Scotney (North).


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Jul 30, 2003
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I remember Richo's first hit out after the knee was a pre season game against Scumwood.

He went 3 quarters basically statless. In the last he was moved up the ground and got a few kicks. He didn't look like it at all. Don Scott was doing special comments and lamented that maybe Richo was a gifted athlete and not a natural footballer and would need to learn the game again.

From memory we put him on ice until round 1, and from the first bounce he tore the bombers apart. As well as 6 goals, I think he may have kicked 6 points as well.

The truly amazing thing about Rich is that from his first AFL game to his very last* he dominated.

He almost won a brownlow in his second last season, and polled 6 votes in the first 4 games of his last season.

* by very last game, I mean last game played fully fit. He injured his hammy early round 5, and as Terry Wallett was desperate to save his coaching position, he not only kept him on the ground but picked him the following week against the Swans in Sydney. Richo couldn't even run with the rest of the team in the pre game warm up.

One wonders how severe the injury would have been had he gone to the bench when it happened in round 5 and not returned.
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