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America, will they ever learn? (Gun Control Debate)


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Dec 18, 2002
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You only have to google sky news and this topic and the moronic statements pile up. This was on Chris Kenny.

Sky News contributor Kristin Tate says there is the “usual push for gun control” in the US following two mass shootings in California over three days.

“But if you look at the facts regarding gun control – gun control does not seem to work in preventing gun-related deaths,” she told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

She said “better laws” related to gun ownership appear to be more effective.

She also said the left get giddy about making political points after massacres!

She then went on to say that she lives in Texas and they don't have those same problems as every bad guy in Texas knows there's a good guy packing heat close by which is why they don't have the mass shootings! Texas sits bang in the middle of the US states for gun related deaths per capita. But 5 of the top 11 (so almost half) of the worst mass shootings since 1991 in the US have taken place in which state - you guessed it TEXAS. Why the *smile* didn't Chris pull her up with some facts???
Texans are *smile*. A lot of other states can’t stand them, wish they were still part of Mexico, and would be happy for them to secede.



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Jul 13, 2003
You're all wrong, many Americans have explained to me how guns don't kill, people do.
Guns certainly don't kill all by themselves, they're just tools. They are however extremely efficient and effective tools for helping *smile* wit people kill *smile* loads of other people in a big hurry.

Who needs birth control to help keep the population at manageable levels when you have Uzi's, AK 47's, Howitzers or whatever else turns the nut jobs on.
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