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Can anyone identify a pre-match riff we play?

The Big Richo

Aug 19, 2010
The home of Dusty
Can anyone tell me the name of the riff we play in the lead-up to the bounce of the ball please?

We don't play the full song, just a do, do do do, doooo, dooooo loop over and over.


Delisted Free Agent
Nov 8, 2005
The way it's written it sounds like the Skippy tune
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Tiger Superstar
Mar 1, 2015
Not that one but it's a little similar in places.

I think the one they play is just a bass guitar riff and I have a feeling I heard once it was a song by Metalica or similar but I could be imagining that.
Well.... sift through these and see how ya go... fair guitarist this bloke!
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