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Changes Rd22 West Coast


Nank should grow a mullet.
Mar 17, 2003
You completely missed my point. I would rather get a couple of games into him now than giving him another week off. The more preparation he has the better for him. He lacks conditioning.
I can see your point, but if they do give him another week off, i'd back our rehab and conditioning staff to have him ready to go, they're the best in the AFL.


Tiger Legend
Aug 9, 2014
Cotchin wont be playing VFL.
I agree, just interested hypothetically if he is eligible. I think he would be. I don't think however if Cotchin doesn't play this week that he will be packed up and not brought out again til next year. His goal will 100% be finals whether he plays this week or not.


Tiger Rookie
Sep 11, 2016
Not sure about Stack but if Burge is confident then that’s my answer.
Cotchin unavailable so
In Balta and Martin
Out Caddy and Short
B Broad Astbury Rioli
HB Edwards Valistun Houli
C Balta Bolton Ellis
HF Castagna Riewoldt Lambert
F Martin Lynch Grimes (Mcgovern)
R Nankervis Ross Prestia
I/C Baker Chol Graham Stack
TBC Caddy Cotchin


It is only the intellectually lost who ever argue.
Jun 18, 2007
In: Dusty, Pickett
Out: Short, Baker
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Fighting Fury

Tiger Army
Jul 17, 2003
question for the medicos cause ive never done a hammy....
if it was a GF and cotchy tweaked a hammy in the 1st qtr,
could he sit in a FP?
I.e. is a minor hammy something you can play for if there is no next week?
I think Chapman won a NS after pinging his hamstring early in the GF and just standing in a FP.


Tiger Champion
Jul 11, 2010
Shipston on Stour, UK
The club must have read my comment and agreed to let Cotch have another week off to make sure he will be OK for the finals series. Could mean a chance for Pickett this week

The Big Richo

Aug 19, 2010
The home of Dusty
Are you saying it’s season over for him because we can’t trust his hammy and he lacks conditioning?
I’m suggesting that, as long as his hammy feels strong, we have to take the risk. He’s a champion player, our Captain and spiritual leader and if it goes, It’s bad luck not bad management because one thing is certain ; Our physical performance department will not send him back if it’s not right.
You sound like you’re prepared to hang him in the closet until next year but I may be misunderstanding you
Yep. I'm saying it may well be the best course of action.

He again loses another week of conditioning this week now so it really is a tough ask to have him ready for finals intensity, especially when it is unlikely the underlying cause of the hamstring issues has been identified.

If we made it to the preliminary final with a win in week one, he will have had a very interrupted preparation for the highest intensity game. I can't imagine anything worse than him going down early and us losing.


Queen La Camilla
Mar 21, 2005
Watching Cotch playing his 15 minute cameo - he really does attack the football and the ball carrier. So even without good match practice which would improve his overall numbers, he will still impact. So the club can pick his game and play him and break him. If he goes down again before the GF then its Germany for Cotch. Grimes can give him a referral.


Tiger Champion
Feb 11, 2004
Well when the squad is named tonight my guess is we will still be in the dark so prepare for another 24hrs of "will he, wont he".

Spirit of Jack

Bring on 2019
Apr 19, 2004
Wouldn't be dropping Bolton or Stack on a sunny day at the G - they could tear it up. I don't think either have enjoyed the wet conditions of late.
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