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Changes v Crows


Tiger Legend
Jul 21, 2003
Really looking forward to seeing Cholly and CJ. I'm actually expecting more from Chol this game.
He will most likely play well. He usually does against the weaker sides. It’s when the heat is on that he has a problem.

He’s a taller version of Eggman in that regard.
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Tiger Legend
Dec 11, 2017
Will be interesting to see where the magnets end up tomorrow, or at least listen to where they go as not on FTA TV.

Now, given we generally have 2 marking forwards, Lynch and Reiwoldt - I would assume CCJ and Reiwoldt tomorrow. We are unlikely to go more than 3 marking forwards, so maybe add Chol to that mix as he really is not a defender. Ok, so Nank in at the centre bounce and drifting back with Chol/CCJ doing ruck in the middle and forward. Maybe we put Castagna on the wing. So where's Caddy? We have 3 tall forwards so a medium marking forward is superfluous. Could we put Caddy somewhere on half back? His mongrel and tackling could be useful.

All sorts of possibilities.

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Tiger Superstar
Jun 14, 2010
Happy with talls , but if we just bomb it in won't work need to hit them up.
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Welcome to Richmond Football Club - Daniel Rioli
Dec 1, 2007
Things im excited about seeing in this game

* How the 3 talls structure work
* How much Cj has developed both game and physicality
* How much Chol has changed his game (from VFL reports he is more involved)
* How RCD goes with our A grade midfield in the side
* How ruthless we can be with the experience thats now back
* Riewoldt , Cj , Chol in the foward line - Who plays on Dusty

* The unpredictability in this team is something we have not seen for a while & more importantly opposition have not seen either
Tigers 62 points
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Welcome to Richmond Football Club - Daniel Rioli
Dec 1, 2007
Hugo lucky to get another run.
Im happy to see Hugo & Rcd get a game with our A team in the midfield
Hugo playing outside will most certainly get more ball and both boys will have more confidence to be daring knowing the Gun's are there to mop up

Tigers of Old

Proud of our Club.
Jul 26, 2004
Biggest concern today would be the number of changes (6) rather than the personnel coming in. Some returning from injury, some returning from the VFL.
All these players need time to readjust to the pace of AFL footy.
Not to mention the disruption of being shipped to Sydney from our home ground advantage.

By comparison the Crows are a very settled unit after an upset win vs the Dees last week. They'll be chock full of confidence & determined to knock off the reigning Premier.

I still believe we will be good enough to get it done but history says not too many teams win with so many changes to a lineup.
It's a challenge we will have to overcome.

Huge game for us. just need to bank the 4 points.
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Tiger Superstar
Feb 24, 2008
JR day today. No Lynch,so will own the forward line,just like 2010 against West Coast almost to the day 10 goals.
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