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Changes v moggies


Be the reason someone believes in the good people.
May 4, 2004
Out: Martin, McIntosh, Aarts
In: Caddy, Ross, Edwards

Caddy no where near the class of Martin, but could play the mid forward role well.
Ross into the middle/off the bench, Parker onto the Wing and Edwards to replace Aarts.
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Bill Haverchuck

Tiger Matchwinner
Jun 27, 2011
In addition to Ross staying in and playing midfield one ofr RCD/Dow/Martyn should play imo
Last nights game , both the second and first half just reinforce how important it is to pump games and develop these midfielders...

In Ross RCD Edwards
Out Dusty Kmac George or aarts(fat chance i know)

Anyone heard anything about Astburys injury?


Chimp's Love of the Tiger
Oct 16, 2003
Ross is already in. You have to drop 3 and bring in 2.
Ross was 23rd man and came into the 22 for McIntosh.


In: Ross
Out: McIntosh gets you to last night's team and the end.

Another player comes in as 23rd man and that will either be RCD, Martin, or Dow. But wouldn't mind Caddy for some extra flexibility


something funny is written here
Mar 6, 2004
How did Mansell and Astbury pull up?

obviously McIntosh and Dusty out (and Ross as JB pointed out)

Edwards should be right to come back. Caddy? Vlaustin and Dion were listed as 1-2 weeks leading up to this game, may be a chance.
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Tiger Superstar
Feb 24, 2008
I think for this game Caddy needs to come in if only to add some extra grunt as I think the Cats will try to bring on early bruises due to our tough game last night and their easy game over Fremantle
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Tiger Legend
Aug 19, 2004
Out - Dustin, Grover, and season 2021

In - Whoever and Pre Season 2022.

If I gave a stuff about the rest of the year , Id be omitting Aarts and/ or George also.
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