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Changes versus Port


labels are for canned food
Jul 30, 2013
Dimmas presser yesterday really sounded like no change.
this is a preliminary final, not the middle of the season, and the team were solid against the Saints.


Go the AllBlacks, the Storm , and the Tigers.
Jul 28, 2004
if he is selected it has to be horses for courses selection ,

considering he was dropped and the team went well without him,

the heat is going to be on in this game , my concern is his temperament, not convinced he is up for a red hot game
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Tiger Champion
May 7, 2012
Who's that what's his name that was supposed to be the next dusty? Peppa pig?

I reckon it's time for the real Dustin Martin to stand up.

Line him up on Party-Popper and don't argue him into three years ago when people thought he still might be something.

Our Dustin Martin Iron Man can kiss Pepper-pots good night.
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Smoking Aces

Batten Down The Hatches
Sep 21, 2007
Against the Lions, Nank rucked 90% game time vs two fresh rucks, effectively solo, and it didn’t work. Chol didn’t play second ruck.

Nank dominated against St Kilda with less minutes and higher intensity.

I guess an argument could be made for Chol playing as a second ruck, but I’d rather any makeshift second ruck myself.
You nailed it Kid except the bit about make shift ruck.


Tiger Legend
Aug 9, 2014
Here's my guess...Since Port have 2 rucks at 203cm, we have 1 at 199cm it's very cheeky of Dimma to play mind games with Port about the ruck situation IF he has no intention of playing Chol. He knows Chol would have been flat after his Brissy game and Dimma has seen him play much better. Dimma knows his players and, heaven forbid, we may still need him so it builds up Chol's self esteem to be referred to as 'in the mix' for this week, just for ruck duties. Same for Caddy, etc.

Most of us believe that Chol 200cm should only come in if Nank can't play but the MC will have considered these important questions...
- What if something happens to Nank early in the game?
- Can Balta/Broad/Astbury/Lynch do most of the ruck work against 2 giants?
- Even if Nank stays fit, do we need 2 giants to match theirs?
If you were on MC how would you answer those Q's?

How much importance does Dimma place on our previous game v Port, Aug. 8? We had Soldo, Chol, Lynch and Riewoldt all in. (Nankervis inj)
Dimma remembers Chol had at least one passage of good play but he did not have an impact in the ruck., only 7 HO, Soldo 29, Lycett 16, Ladhams 11.

From the Match Report Aug 8, 1st qtr ( ...
"Mabior Chol then ignited his side. As Derek Eggmolesse-Smith streamed off the half-back line and looked up the field, he saw Chol tracking back towards Richmond’s goal on the far wing, Eggmolesse-Smith drove the ball in his path. Chol sets his eyes on the ball, spoiled it back with the flight then sprinted after it. The athletic Tiger then tapped and scrapped the ball through half-forward, took the contact from a Port defender, tapped the ball inside 50, pick it up, took the brunt of a tackle then dished off the handball to Jack Riewoldt who snapped his first major. It was one of the best passages of play for 2020 and showcased the traits and tricks that Chol has in his arsenal."

Astbury had his knee heavily bandaged so how was his agility and spoiling v Saints? And did he pull up ok? How well did he train this week?
If Chol is IN and Astbury OUT then Broad could take Astbury's role in BP. Then Nank and Chol interchange ruck duties off the bench?
We don't have spies at training so how do we know if that's possible?

Most decisions have some element of risk/reward and this is another one.
If Nanks goes down we're stuffed anyway whether Chol is in or out so leave him out
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Jumpin Jack
Feb 25, 2007
No Changes

EMG [31] Oleg Markov,[22] Josh Caddy,[41] Mabior Chol,[39] Jake Aarts
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Tiger Legend
Apr 6, 2014
So after reading through all those 19 pages ... no change. That's an hour or so we'll never get back.
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Tiger Superstar
Apr 6, 2014
Good to see no change bc we need everyone from last week's win.
ch7 news presenter Katrina that's a name you won't easily forget!


Tiger Superstar
Feb 28, 2008
Turns out Dimma was into musing mind games re Chol.
He tried Astbury and Balta last week as the genuine ruck back-up options.
Dave is the solid but unspectacular ruck back-up choice, but this week he will have his hands full with Charlie.
Noah is the x-factor all-chips-in ruck back-up option that could actually make a significant impact with his line-breaking run and booming kick.
That's if Dimma releases him from down back and gives him a full throttle mandate.
We need to go all-chips-in and all out attack to get the choccies tomorrow night.
Happy with team selection - now, Release the Cracker!
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Tiger Legend
Aug 9, 2014
All the ins and outs for Friday night's Preliminary Final clash between Port Adelaide and Richmond can be found here!

Twas a very short SEN article. There were no ins and outs
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Tiger Legend
Jun 28, 2019
All the ins and outs for Friday night's Preliminary Final clash between Port Adelaide and Richmond can be found here!

Twas a very short SEN article. There were no ins and outs put a big photo of Mabior with the headline Tigers Ruck Call,

just to *smile* with us.

they got me a ripper.
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