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Changes vs port figjamalaide


Tiger Legend
Oct 6, 2013
At the end of season their requests for the following season fixture has at the TOP ....please no game against Richmond at the MCG ..........

Hopefully we do play them at the G this year in either a Q/F Prelim or Granny.

Then its gonna be time to catch them up on some MCG pain.

Hadn't realised it went back so far. Last time we played them at the MCG without also playing them in Adelaide was 1998!! Equalised fixture hahahahahahahahaha


Tiger Superstar
Jan 18, 2007
Perhaps Mansell in for Egg, Houli in for kmac and Pickett to move from the backline to the wing.


Tiger Legend
Mar 2, 2003
In martyn out prestia
In ross out cotchin
in mansell out egg
In naish out mcintosh


Tiger Legend
Jan 6, 2005
Oh East Melbourne!
Out: Prestia, McIntosh, Eggmolesse
In: Martyn, Mansell, Ross

Pickett back onto the wing. Rioli might replace Aarts who may end up the sub.

Broad. Balta. Astbury.

Baker. Grimes. Short.

Pickett. Martin. Caddy.

Bolton. Lynch. Castagna.

Rioli. Reiwoldt. Lambert.

R. Nankervis, Edwards, Cotchin

I. Graham, Martyn, Ross, Mansell
Sub: Aarts
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Tiger Champion
Jul 24, 2004
Thinking Caesar is probably right. So Mansell not Houli for Eggy and Martyn for Dion.
Won’t leave out Ross, and if Chol is selected to play round 4 in Adelaide he will come in fully aware that CJ will be available from next week and this may be his last opportunity for an AFL career.
In Chol Martyn Mansell and Ross
for Caddy Egg McIntosh and Prestia
Sub Naish.


It's Tiger Time
Mar 17, 2003
Vlastuin is such a big loss, he's near on irreplaceable, Grimes would be our best bet at playing his role. The question then is, who could play Grimes role, Broad?
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Tiger Legend
Aug 19, 2004
Vlastuin is such a big loss, he's near on irreplaceable, Grimes would be our best bet at playing his role. The question then is, who could play Grimes role, Broad?
Broady will just do whatever job he gets given, as he always does.
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Tiger Champion
Dec 11, 2017
Wondering what the story is with RCD, hope his development hasn't stalled.

Exciting to see 2 debutants and hoping Martyn and Mansell will do well. Certainly a big game to debut in with the big bodies of Port but we'll see, the club would have prepared them for the challenge.

I do wonder whether Cotchin will play, his sub-par kicking may well be an indication of issues. Iced up leg at the end of the last game, interstate trip, 6 day break, maybe we rest him.

Houli should be back. We miss Vlastuin a lot and Houli will be very useful and well suited to the more open game.

Clearly Ross should play, he needs a fair run at seniors, get some experience and would be suited to playing against Port's centreline.

Will love it if we can take a young team over and beat Port, priceless if we can pull it off.

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Jumpin Jack
Feb 25, 2007
BacksDavid Astbury12Noah Balta21Dylan Grimes2
Half-BacksLiam Baker7Bachar Houli14Jayden Short15
CentrelineShane Edwards10Trent Cotchin9Marlion Pickett50
Half-ForwardsJake Aarts16Kane Lambert23Jason Castagna11
ForwardsTom Lynch19Dustin Martin4Jack Riewoldt8
FollowersToby Nankervis25Will Martyn36Jack Graham34
InterchangeNathan Broad35Shai Bolton29Jack Ross5
Rhyan Mansell31
EmergenciesJosh Caddy22Patrick Naish6Mabior Chol41
Riley Collier-Dawkins26

In: Rhyan Mansell, Will Martyn, Bachar Houli, Jack Ross
Out: Daniel Rioli (omitted), Derek Eggmolesse-Smith (omitted), Dion Prestia (injured), Kamdyn McIntosh (injured), Josh Caddy (omitted)

New: Rhyan Mansell (North Launceston/Woodville West Torrens), Will Martyn (Aspley/Brisbane Lions Academy)
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year of the tiger

Tiger Legend
Mar 26, 2008
Great to see Ross into the 22 squad along with the two newbies.

Cant wait till tomorrow night.

The age of our squad must have dropped a bit.
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