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Changes vs port figjamalaide


Two outta three ain't bad.
Mar 21, 2005
I love being right. Said Caddy would play about 5 games this year he's got three under his belt already. Class player, too slow.
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Tiger Superstar
Aug 19, 2008
I know what you're saying. I actually had no problem in Markov leaving. And still don't. Just saying in a perfect world he'd be handy right about now as an option.
Hmmm, in a perfect world what rules or constraints would the AFL impose!??
Let’s just ponder that for a few moments.


Tiger Legend
Aug 19, 2004
I love being right. Said Caddy would play about 5 games this year he's got three under his belt already. Class player, too slow.
He's certainly at a bit of a crossroad now even moreso with the forced changes in the game.

Has class and skill and talent in spades, but lacks the key neccessity now agrred and that is foot speed.
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Jumpin Jack
Feb 25, 2007
Caddy has somewhat reached a crossroad I reckon.

Its not often a dual Premiership player and a key player in those flags becomes prematurely obsolescent but the rule changes have nailed players like Josh who lack speed, and Jake Aarts could also soon find himself in the gun I feel unless he can up his impact.

If Mansell by chance plays as a small defensive forward to apply pressure this week I dare say it is alarm bells and red flags for Aarts.

I think a change has already washed through the Tigers with the new rule changes, and we can expect another ramp up of speed and run with some youngsters getting more opportunities such as Mansell and Hugo Ralphsmith, even Naish might some extra chances.

Cads has also likely been slapped again for a dumb free and 50 at critical junctures of games same as last year against the Kochies when we had worked our way to the front and his act handed them the momentum back and killed us.

Another kick up the arse for Rioli to get him running again and bringing the pressure.

Agree mate with all that you said. That's why I think RCD with his speed and toughness could make his debut sooner rather than later.
Aarts is damn lucky. And as much as Caddy is skilful, he took way too long to get the ball moving last week.

That loss this early in the season coupled with the rule changes hitting us over the head "exposing" us in some areas could be a blessing in disguise in making subtle changes to personal and tweaks to the game plan moving forward. ..
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Smoking Aces

Batten Down The Hatches
Sep 21, 2007
Interesting to see where Mansell will play, assumed he was going to HB but with Houli back in and both Shorty and Bakes named there, suggests he may play on the wing. I suspect we will rotate a number of players through that wing position. Looks like Lambo may play further forward.
Castagna will spend a fair bit of time on the wing
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Super Tiger
Apr 20, 2004
Sadly Caddy looks slow.
Awesome in 17 & 18.
Time might be up
Off to Gold Coast


Tiger Matchwinner
Jun 14, 2010
Aarts should be dropped 2 games ago vfl footballer for me we have better in our vfl side.