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Jul 13, 2003
Don''t hear much of Hong Kong these days. Like they just disappeared off the planet. Dreadful.
Everybody in Honkers playing nicely n letting favourite Grandpa Xi have his afternoon nap in peace. Old Grandpa Xi gets fearsome grumpy if he don't get his nap time.


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Jul 30, 2003
Hidden Valley
They're a going to breed more & more true believers.

"An editorial in a Chinese state-run news website has suggested Communist party members are obliged to have three children for the good of the country, as Beijing seeks to address plummeting birthrates."

Good luck with this!

The Chinese middle class are in the process of being wiped out right now, so if they are struggling to afford having kids now, good luck in 12 to 24 months time.

About the only thing Chinese can invest in is property, and their property prices are about to fall off a cliff. It's the most expensive country to buy property with generational wealth going into buying homes. And for males in the population, if you don't own a home, then no meow meow for you!

The new 5 lines rule brought in by Xi Jinping has property developers defaulting on payments everywhere, and having to reassess property prices. The largest, Evergrande has already defaulted on bond payments, as has FanTASIA, another major developer. Evergrande alone is worth 300 billion. The question i guess is, how much skin western banks have in these organisations, because in China, it's not a case of everyone getting say 20c ina dollar. They can choose who they pay out. Evergrande, last month paid a pittance of payment coming due, and all went to Chinese and nothing to Western companies.

To put this crisis into perspective, housing is about 5% of the US economy, while in Chine it's 30% so it's a massive sector to the Chinese. It's estimted that around 70% of Chinses middle class wealth is tied up in property prices that will almost certainly be going over a cliff.

That's enough to take the glint out of the eye of any armerous Chinses fella!

When it comes to population growth globally. The doomsdayers go on about the ever expanding global population, but the truth is that within a generation or two, global populations will begin to plummet. There is barely 3 or 4 countries with a birth ratethat will sustain current population levels (2.1 children per woman).

The estimate is that we will top out at about 8 billion and then we'll be heading towards an empty earth situation.

As a share trader, i can tell you that some of my favoriter stocks to short are Chinese stocks like BABA, JD, AMD.

The IPO DIDI barely lasted 5 days on the NYSE before being delisted.

We are in interesting times right now, not just with the Chinese economy, but also with the US running up inflation whilst still trying to force through an "Infestructure bill" which is everything but infestructure. They call it "Human infestructure"! Anyone with a year 9 Junior Almanac in Economics will tell you that when you have an inflation issue, the lest thing you should be doing is sticking more money into your economy, but here the empty suit in Joe Biden is trying to stuff more in.

Inflation helps to lower Govt debt, but it's a massive tax on lower and middle class. If you have say $100,000 in the bank, and inflastion is running up at 7%, then there's $7000 of basically a stelalth tax you just paid. It's like having 5 bottles full of water on the desk in front of you. Printing money is like putting a 6th bottle down but with no extra water. If you evenly spread the water over the 6 bottles, that's probably the best reflaction of what happens to your currency as you add money to the system.

It's an odd situation. The left wing policies of the Biden Presidency are on the nose to voters. Biden's approval rating is at about 36% with the only other person with a lower rating being his Vice President, the cackling Camilla Harris, yet they are doubling down on these left wing policies, few of which were communicated to the population pre-election. If the voting is fair in the mid terms, they will be wiped out, but maybe that's why they are pushing for no voter id, saying that's racist because blacks are too stupid to get themselves an id. This despite Democrat states having a no vaccine passport then no entry to just about any facility. Blacks are the least vaccinated in the US running at about 15%. To enter a restaurant for example, requires the passport plus your id....... how ironic!

One country very happy with this leadership is of course China who has ramped up the agression since Biden's election. In fact, another country happy about it is Russia who now have over 100,000 troops on the Ukranian border which is a direct response to Biden's shift on the Norstar pipeline. Without it, Russia couldn't push too far into the Ukraine without the risk of their only pipeline to Europe being destroyed, but now that they have the Norstar option there is little stopping them pushing in.

I guess when Hunter Biden is receiving millions from Russian and Chinese interests, and your dad shares the same bank account, there has to be some sort of pay back, no matter what the cost!

The one thing that was looking like stopping Joe Biden from runnnig as a candidate was his history with corruption. But i guess the solution for that was for the media to just stop talking about it.
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Mar 20, 2013
"But i guess the solution for that was for the media to just stop talking about it."

This is our media's answer to getting the president that supports their ideology.
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