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Clubs delistings


Tiger Legend
Jun 28, 2019
He’s a premiership Hero. One of those guys you really wished became successful at another club.

I reckon half our best 22 wouldnt be successful at other clubs.

Actually, all our best 22 couldnt be successful at other clubs,

Cause RFC has a mortgage on success currently.
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Tiger Matchwinner
Sep 22, 2014
OK I know I'll get shot down for this but Jackson Trengove for one year on the rookie list? Emergency backman, also emergency ruck cover. I know, ordinary footballer but two areas we need insurance for for a year. Only 30. Anyone.........
I was thinking the same. Doesn’t cost you much for experienced back up
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Tiger Legend
Mar 21, 2008
I think shorty circa 2017 is a perfect analogy for eggs 2020.

Incredible toolkit, improvable deficiencies.

Id spew if we delisted eggs.

He looked mega composed and sublimely skilled when he won the TV
I'd probably look mega composed and sublimely skilled playing North....
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Tiger Legend
Oct 8, 2004
Townsend has been delisted by Essendon.

We should hire him as an expert at 'Scaring the oppostion analyst'
He will always be remembered as the best pack buster that has eveor walked through those doors at punt rd in the last 37 years.
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Tiger Legend
May 16, 2007
It feels wrong that Towner was not admirably retired a premiership hero by the RFC, rather than being delisted by a soulless corrupted shithole in Tullamarine.
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Tiger Champion
Oct 9, 2006
Just bloody shocked myself. Checked out the AFL club delistings for this year, it looks like half the clubs are stripping their lists back to the bone this year.
#lonorf heads the race by delisting / retiring 13 players but there's plenty of others chopping out ten to twelve players this year. Some serious dunny brush work going on at a few clubs.
So far we've only got Lego, Higlet, English n Turner off the list n I'm assuming Trossman goes off as well for a grand total of five gone. Not sure exactly how many we are supposed to be removing to make way for at least our first rounder, MoJo n perhaps someone else.

Pretty sure I read teams can trim their lists back to 37 in '21, and can have 6 Cat A and 2 Cat B rookies.

For those teams interested in saving some cash, 44 down to 36 requires a fair bit of whipper snippering.