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Clubs delistings

Mr Brightside

Tiger Legend
Jul 1, 2005
Yeah I was indifferent about Jetta, alsways seemed flakey, but as soon as you had that thought he would do something sublime and damaging. Watching him last year at close quarters at the WC V Melbourne game at Treager Park was quite something, I've never seen a player glide across the turf like him. Marlion maybe, but its a different glide.
As we all know we have a no DH policy at Punt rd , however more importantly we have a no “cat” policy
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Tiger Rookie
Mar 25, 2014
And of comfort you're certain, when you wear Rauol Merton!

And I preferred to shop at Fletcher Jones.
Or as Graham Kennedy said (while advertising them on TV) “if you’re feet are hurtin’ you’re wearing Raoul Merton!”
Sales went through the roof....
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Mar 1, 2015
As we all know we have a no DH policy at Punt rd , however more importantly we have a no “cat” policy
Funny you should mention that @Mr Brightside a link popped up on my youtube thingo today with Dimma doing some sort of motivational talk to an outside mob 6 years ago..... the no dickheads policy gets a run early and then he revisits it later.
There's also one with Benny which is so insightful given where we are today!
Probably posted here years ago I suppose

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Tiger Cub
Oct 6, 2017
As an absolute wild arse stab in the dark but a cheapy - would it be worth having a stab at Mason Wood? One year on minimum wage costs bugger all and he's got talent - maybe we could back ourselves to find it?
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Tiger Superstar
May 1, 2016
Be refreshing to hear a club to come out and endorse dheads. Dhead only club

There’ll always be exceptions to the dhead only policy. Grigg was allowed into Geelong, for example.
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