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Daily Player reviews #3 Duncan Kellaway


Tiger Cub
Jan 4, 2003
Position: Run-with Midfielder / Medium Defender
Age: Turns 30 a month on 17th of Feb this year
Height: 185
Weight: 83
Career Games: 172
Career Goals: 12
Draft History: Came through Richmond Zone into U19s - never drafted.

2002 Averages:
14 Games, 5.4 Kicks, 2.7 Marks, 8.1 Handballs, 0.1 Goals, 4 Tackles, 1.1 Rebounds, 1.2 Inside 50s, 2.5 Clearances, 1.3 Clangers

Stats Fact: For the first time in Duncan's career (I'm not sure about 93) he actually handballed more than he kicked. Missed 8 games, but still finished 5th for total tackles and actually laid the same amount of tackles as Gaspar, Houlihan, Pettifer, Vardy & Richardson did in a combined total of 62 games. Led the club in tackles per game.

2002 Summary: Missed the first 8 games of the season, looked very rusty in his first game back against St Kilda but was then one guy who could hold his head up as we went through a real tough patch after that. Trademark hardness and work rate, was exposed a bit for pace at times, not surprising given the injury run he's copped over the last few years. Was more aware of giving the footy off to the runners and designated kickers and did seem to hold his feet in the contest better than at times in the past. Worrying sign was poor hands often. Probably a lack of touch missing plenty of footy over the last three years but often dropped "sitters" and the fumbles set in on a few occasions. A worrying sign in a player approaching 30.

Previously: Missed 10 games in 2001 mainly in the second half, averaged 14.1 disposals with 3 marks, 4.5 tackles and a goal every 3 games!!! In 2000 again missed most of the second half after flying in the first half of the season and finished 6th in B&F playing only 12 games. Averaged 18.75 touches, 4.4 Marks, 3.4 tackles and 3.9 clearances and was one of the big reasons we missed the finals in 2000. Played all 22 games in 2000 (14 touches a game) but only 10 in 99. Been a consistent performer since debut in 93 from year to year.

Ability: 3.5. Can't kick, looks awkward on the field. If he'd have had Houlihan's skills he'd have a monster size trophy cabinet. But when all is said and done - is low on the ability scale.
Offence: 1. Do I really need to explain - did give us a great moment when he kicked his first goal but!
Defence: 8.5. Not many players can cover a James Hird when he's up forward and follow him into the midfield and continue the job. Like Gaspar has been prone to losing his feet in a contest, but still one of the best "gloves" in the business. Age and injuries are making it easier for opponents to shake him than before though.
Hardness: 9.5. Came the closest of any Richmond player to a 10. If he had a bit more mongrel in him he would have won the 10, but unfortunately is scrupulously fair.
Speed: 3.5 Never lightning but had the running capacity to stay with most midfielders. Now being shown up a bit and is struggling more. Hopefully will never play on McLeod again.
Stamina: 5. Average, used to be better than that, again age & injuries are taking a toll.
Delivery: 1.5. Probably the worst kick I've ever seen in AFL football - sad really.
Air: 4. Below average. Never a great grab, but was solid. Has struggled recently over his head and isn't even that safe on his chest anymore. A worrying sign. Possibly he's thinking of the quick dish off more and getting ahead of himself.
Ground: 7. Probably our only true in and under type who can hold his own in a pack. Drops off a point or so because of increased fumbling.
Injury: 4.5. Gets back quickly and little niggles don't seem to affect him, but missed at least 8 games in 4 of the last 5 years I'd mark him worse on this, but recovery times have been good (maybe too good)
Ruck: 0. I couldn't remember him ever contesting a ruck situation even a jump over the top. I looked it up though - actually has 23 Hitouts since 94 to his credit. I can't remember any of them - can you?
Temperament: 9.5. Sensational in this area - never looks a demonstrative type, but always looked a natural leader - the type you'd go into the trenches with. Always appears positive and looks to have a great attitude regardless of the state of the game. Could say occasionally he's dropped the head, but it would be very rare.
Ball: 6. Is actually a well above average ball winner, particularly for a guy who plays primarily negating roles. It is true however that opposition players will often leave him and push back when Richmond is bringing the ball out.

Strengths:  Hard at it, team-oriented, strong tackler and good at the contest and negating an opponent while still able to win footy himself.

Weaknesses:  Disposal is nothing short of abysmal.  Has had a career long bad habit of watching goals while flat on his back. Often that's due to over-committing on an act of desperation, but also it's a balance thing, where he just simply loses his feet. Is losing his running capacity which will probably limit his match-ups.

Overall:  I've always said that as much as I admired Duncan for what he's done, while he was one of Richmond's best players we were in big trouble.  The "good" news is I think he's slipped down the rungs sufficiently, which is a bit of good (better players coming through) and a bit of bad (he's dropping off the pace).  Still a place for him, always was, but it was a major sign of a poor list that he was a top liner.  If Dunc had average, or even just less than average foot skills he would be a great.  Approaching 30 and starting to lose the ability to stay with the younger, faster midfielders he's probably got 2 more years at most, with maybe one more in a cameo role.  Wouldn't surprise me actually if 2003 is his final year.  Despite that, is still (IMHO) our best option as a midfield run-with player (with Rogers as 2nd choice) and an important part of Richmond.  Will always be a favourite for his commitment and work rate, but always a reminder of poorly managed senior list.

What he needs to do?
1)  Run!  If he starts getting burnt off consistently he will lose his role in the team.  The skills don't cut it for someone who is getting burnt offensively.
2)  Carry a four leaf clover.  Injuries have been very cruel to him the last 5 years.  Another big one may see the end.
3)  Maintain his feet - too often goes to ground and costs goals.


The Tigers Spine
Dec 18, 2002
Re: Daily Player reviews #3 Duncan Kellaway pt2

What he need to do?

Play for Coburg.


Re: Daily Player reviews #3 Duncan Kellaway pt2

Strengths:  Hard at it, team-oriented, strong tackler and good at the contest and negating an opponent while still able to win footy himself.
I would say another real strength of Duncan is that he is probably the only player in our team who can consistantly get in under the packs. He has little regard for his own safety and never shirks an issue. He seems to be able to tackle and get in and get the ball for a whole game.
Tough as.....a pity a few of our better kicks didn't have Duncan's heart.
His tough style of play seems to have taken a toll on his battered body.
If he's fit I think he has an important place in our midfield still.
Time will tell if the coaching staff agree with me, ha.
Go Dunc.


Making the easy seem incredible
Dec 19, 2002
Re: Daily Player reviews #3 Duncan Kellaway pt2

I mentioned previously, I caught a glimps of Dunc running at Sorrento. Looked very fit.

IMO, Duncs positives far outweigh his negatives. Watching Duncan put his body on the line non stop is something that has saved the tiges in many a match.

As OMH said, if Dunc could kick like Bowden, a brownlow for sure.

I would think that this would be Duncs last year, if it is, he has been a sensational tiger servant.


Its Tiger Time
Jan 22, 2003
Re: Daily Player reviews #3 Duncan Kellaway pt2

I have never seen DK look anything but superfit. He has that natural physique that most would kill for.

As RampagingRicho said DK is one of those few who have continually put life and limb on the line for the club.

The fact that he has made it to the highest level with his shortcomings is testament to the character of the guy.

I am sure there are a few of the opposition gun players who would much prefered DK playing at Coburg too.

Just ask Nathan BUCKLEY. The thing is he has never had to resort to dirty tactics to do his job.

Who does remember BUCKLEY's round house right in Round 10 at the 'G' in 2000. The ultimately tribute to DK effectiveness.