Did anyone hear 3AW on Saturday/


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Dec 17, 2002
Between 1pm and 2pm.

They spoke to Matt Hornsby RFC fitness and conditioning person and he was asked about Ben Holland. He said that Dutchy had come back better than expected after Xmas and they were now looking for him to make his comeback in round 1.

Gotta say this concerns me. Take the 12 months not 9 - let's not foget Dragga came back after 9 months and has now missed another 12.

On the subject of Dragga - Mr Matt said they expected him to play the pre-season comp.


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Dec 19, 2002
when it comes to knees no one really knows.some players knees actually are in better shape than before they did their knee.hopefully extreme caution is taken in regards to holland.id prefer to have him miss the 1st few games than come back too soon and do it again.


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Dec 18, 2002
What was the actual date that Holland did his Knee?
I think it was round 4 last year against freo at subiaco.

Its a tough call given the fact that many players have fallen to more injuries after a long spell out.

I'm fairly confident that the club would be mindful of what could occur (given dragga and others) and would not risk it if they thought he wasn't 100%.


The surgeon who's done countless operations on my knee told me that knee surgery is an area of medicine with the most advances, largely due to football injuries.
I've found out painfully that sometimes knees just don't respond to surgery.
I need another patella tendon replacement and knee reco, but I'm trying to last a year or two longer till they've experimented and perfected the operation on a few footballers first, ha.
Just hope our guys don't contribute to my cause.
The surgeon also told me that a reconstructed knee will be generally be stronger that a normal knee.
Have to trust in the medicos to play our guys when they are right, and cross our fingers that they have better luck next time.
Go Dutchy.