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Did we just have an earthquake?


Tiger Legend
Oct 6, 2013
Whole house shook for about 30 seconds to a minute. Definitely the biggest I've personally felt.


Tiger Legend
Oct 6, 2013
Now downgraded to a 4.0
Far out that was very cool.

The magnitude 4 was an aftershock. The main earthquake currently showing as a 5.8.

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Panthera Tigris

Tiger Champion
Apr 27, 2010
Well he has put all the tradies out of work.

Chapel St.

Have seen some pictures of shops that lost similar parapet walls onto the street in the older inner-city suburbs. When you stop and look at the overall structure of a parapet wall. A bit fragile. Not made for untoward conditions. We had one of those buildings lose it's parapet onto people standing below, here in Hobart a couple of years ago in high winds.


Tiger Superstar
Mar 30, 2010
Little River
It gave a good rumble down Geelong way, the house shook for a good 30 seconds.
I just thought it must’ve been Stewart Dew falling out of bed....
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Tiger Legend
Jun 28, 2019
I dont believe in earthquakes.

how could huge techtonic plates bang into each other?

its a hoax.

a bloke on facebook reckons its all the tunnels the pedophiles have been digging collapsed when Barnaby Joyce paid a visit and accidentally left his human mask on
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Al Bundy

Premiers 2017, 2019, 2020 ...2021?
Aug 27, 2003
Unsure if true it was felt in a few states.
Did Australia just inch closer to NZ?? Wonder if they got hit