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"Famous last words - I'll be good"
Dec 17, 2002
Travelling to work over the last couple of weeks I've come across the Kangaroos crossiing Beach Road. On both occasions I've had the opportunity to go straight through them but thought the better of it. Glen Archer was very lucky last week i was in a good mood.

What would you do? Have mercy on them - or run 'em down lol.

Yes, a very boring day at work lol
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This sure beats workin'
Dec 17, 2002
At this point of the season I'd have mercy on them, after all if you hit one now he might recover in time to play us anyway ;D.

My advice is to hold off and wait until we are closer to the season proper, then even a minor touch could be good for us.


Sing it Loud
Dec 17, 2002
Punt Road Oval
Shoulda gone for it froars.  ;D
I remember last year went to my friends mums work, and paul licuria was doing an electrician apprenticeship there and they got him to come talk to some kids who were doing an introduction program, so we went and listened to him because we had nothing else to do. Afterwards we were walking down the corridor and he came running past because he was late for something I had the biggest urge to stick my foot out and trip him. Should have dammit  ;D oh well.