Disposal is our biggest problem!


Swan street 2017
Jan 4, 2003
After watching numorous replays over the last 3 months
I have come to the conclusion that our single biggest problem is our disposal. Time after time, game after game, and it just got worse.

Constant training involving kicking under pressure is a must for our team.

But poor decision making comes down to two things.

1) No clear game plan.


2) Ordinary footballers


Agree crackertiger, I'd add a third too.
Confidence. The players need to believe in themselves and their team mates and have the confidence to do what they are there for without worrying too much about recrimination.
I reckon our guys were scared of stuffing up when they got the ball last year and got rid of it as quickly as possible.
It looked like they didn't care where it ended up as long as it wasn't with them.