Dustin Martin’s bikie dad claims Aboriginal heritage in bid to return (HS) | PUNT ROAD END | Richmond Tigers Forum
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Dustin Martin’s bikie dad claims Aboriginal heritage in bid to return (HS)


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May 1, 2016
I like reading everyone's views in here. There's people in China wishing they could debate even 1% of the things you guys are able to dive into. But you gotta avoid the trap that happened above.

Disagreements present you with unknowns.
As a rule, when people get heated they're tempted to fill in the gaps with negative character assessments.
Then the information can be dismissed.
Then you've got less unknowns to worry about.
It's a cognitive shortcut just like today's version of racism.

Cognitive shortcuts of any kind are normal and require constant vigilance and energy to minimise.

You keep asking me to tell your story for you, or explain what others have said in response to you. I'm not going to do that.

Who would I?
Perspective taking is probably the single most effective way to get any disagreement back on track. It's pretty time-consuming though so no harm in agreeing to disagree!
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