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End the Chol farce

Bullarto Tiger

Tiger Legend
Mar 17, 2012
I know conditions didn't suit Chol today but geez I thought his endeavour and efforts were pretty lacklustre. Today's performance not good enough really.
Needs to find the competitive streak in him. Seems lazy at so many ruck contests. Doesn't seem to like the body-on-body stuff.
Would drop him next week and bring back Soldo.
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Tiger Superstar
Apr 15, 2009
I thought his efforts after the ruck contests were good but he had no impact on the game.
Would prefer Soldo at the moment.


"just kick it to Royce"
Apr 19, 2004
Seems to be tiring. Might be playing injured. Lacked his usual spark to do the flashy moves today.


Tiger Legend
Jun 28, 2019
He gets another crack. Right call but Mabs has got to make it count.
tough conditions, sure,

and in his defence, Lynchy and Jack were never comfortable.

but big Mabs couldn't have played a poor game at a worse time.

potentially a real sliding door moment.

Its a tough one the laconic style thing.

you cant say

'look more intense'

its their style.

just like you couldn't say to Mitch Robinson

'look more laconic'
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Tigers of Old

Proud of our Club.
Jul 26, 2004
Hasn’t played well when it’s wet.

No he hasn't. The conditions don't suit him one bit it seems. That said he's got to do better than a handful of touches.
When he dropped that mark yesterday in the open I'd seen enough.
I'm a fan of our current structure (with the relief ruckman) but CCJ or Balta could do no worse than what Mabior has served up in the past fortnight.
Disappointing but I'm guessing the MC will be looking elsewhere this week. Chol has dropped his opportunity.


Tiger Matchwinner
Aug 20, 2005
Was at the game from the southern stand. He was avoiding contact at all ruck contests. Was completely gassed many times too. If I’m groping for reasons maybe he is asthmatic - I used to struggle in the super cold And not be able to breathe. Whatever it is though - fitness, medical or mental he needs to sort it out to compete in all conditions.

Love his goal kicking and that is valuable but you have to work hard to make space or go and get it otherwise you are completely dependent on your teammates to do the work for you.