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finding peace


Tiger Matchwinner
May 13, 2012
After this terrible year, my footy team has shone light on a dark 2020. Ive often this year found my self angry and frustrated with the way my beloved tigers have been portrayed in the media. I think sometimes it was a reflection of how I was feeling about my own situation and those around me. i don't think anyone needs to apologise to the world for how we've dealt with these unprecedented times. It's been hard and I think all those, particularly in Melbourne should give themselves a pat on the back for getting through.
I just feel after this flag and how the players have conducted themselves through adversity has taught me a thing or two as well. I no longer feel the need to rub it in to mates who gave me *smile* for years about our achievements. I am so grateful to support this amazing team.
For a lot of us, including me, didn't have a choice who they support. It was ingrained in us from a young age, and I no longer feel distain towards those who follow other clubs. I just am so happy for us Tiges and hope the likes of Melbourne and St. Kilda one day get to enjoy the same spoils. Not for the next couple of years though. This is tiger time!
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