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Footy Record AFL preview thingys

feisty tige

Tiger Legend
Oct 15, 2003
OK, now I seem to finally have the driveway nearly looked after, I am after the little booklets that have all the team previews in them (a5 size that they had for a few years in a row)

Does anyone know if they are available this year and where I could get a hold of one (I know I could trawl the AFL site but thought I would check here first!

Thanks again in advance!



I need to get advice about concreters in the Berwick/Narre area.

If anyone has had good or bad experiences with, or knows any good concreter in the area, the help would be much appreciated! (feel free to PM me if you don't want details shown on the main boards)

I like to shop local.

Thanks in advance.