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Free Agency 2021


Tiger Champion
Jul 24, 2004
None of these big 4 or 5 players are leaving.....clubs will pay overs to keep them, in case of Kelly he takes a pay cut to leave meaning he is no chance. Gws just match a lower offer. Perfect result for them really.

Tigers should concentrate on signing up our own.....vlas, Bolton and Grimes. Get it done,
If Houli and Jack retire at the end of this season, we lose two premiership stalwarts but recover TPP by maybe $1.3mill.
First priority to keep Balta, Bolton, Grimes and NV but adding Bont to Dusty would likely give us the two best mid/ forwards in the game for the next 4-5 years.
Would make other players want to stay.

Brooklyn Tiger

Tiger Matchwinner
Nov 23, 2008
Brooklyn, NY
Bont is going to cost you $1m a year in free agency. Merrett, Kelly, Cripps are likely $850k or more. I'm not sure paying overs for for free agents while paying unders for our own is the best way to keep everyone happy. It has worked for lynch but i do think at some point our own players say - "where is mine". It's also harder paying overs for free agents when we are asking team to take a 5% cut across the board for covid.

I'd love to be wrong but i just don't think we will be major players in the free agent market this yr. Plus we are talking about arguable the best players at their respective clubs. rarely do these guys leave in their prime.
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