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Game Day Thread. Richmond Geelong final


Tiger Legend
Mar 27, 2003
Well the big day has arrived. Our chance to return some glory to Tigerland. Wishing everyone a wonderful day of anticipation and a great experience following the game however you're planning to do it.

Believe in yourself Tiges. :cupgold

Have fun Tiger family :grouphug

Eat 'em Alive


Tiger Matchwinner
Aug 10, 2004
picking my son up from school at 1pm and flying down from Sydney - will be the only final we can make apart fron the grannie :hihi


Tiger Champion
Oct 1, 2013
Play our game style, Pressure, fast ball movement and no bombing into the forward line, hard at it with increased bulk in the mids, stays dry but slippery would be my wish.

Tigers by 18 points, go Tigers!!!!


Tiger Legend
Apr 15, 2007
melbourne, victoria
Reputations are built in finals.

H & A chumps are good BUT
Final players become champs.

To those going I'm jealous. Hope it stays like this.

Our brand & style will trouble the Cats. Not many are picking us. Many jumping on the Cats bandwagon. Cat supporters cocky, arrogant and just thinking turn up and job done.

Make a lot of noise and get on board the Tigga train.

Less than 12 hours to go. Countdown clock...........


My other love
Apr 23, 2004
Destiny awaits this team, it's time for change, they don't have to be the Tigers of old, they don't have to crumble under the pressure, if they come out tonight with fire and intensity for the contest they can go all the way.

Good luck Richmond, I hope to see you deliver a performance to be proud of.

Tiger Pops

Tiger Champion
Apr 22, 2008
a win
a beautiful weekend - watch the other 2 games with a smile
120 min away from a GF
demons of winning against the cats - gone
demons of a finals win gone
Home and Away Hardwick - laid to rest
we actually have Richmond players with Richmond finals winning experience - done

Loose and all the above remains :-(


Chimp's Love of the Tiger
Oct 16, 2003
My emotions all over the place. I go from nervous to fired up to emotional to expectant to doubtful to hopeful and back to nervous.

We deserve it to be our time. Its there for our taking. We play with the manic pressure and we will be in it. We show composure with the ball as well and we will win.


Tiger Legend
Nov 25, 2004
Big day at work for me will keep me distracted. Good luck everyone, let's hope the day treats us well.

Tiger Pops

Tiger Champion
Apr 22, 2008
its WINDOW Day

We either smash the shutters right open or we gently close them allowing just a small trickle of air in!!??

I would hope the players have a grip of their nerves a lot better than we have.


Tiger Champion
Sep 24, 2005
I am just so excited. As I live in Geelong, all I have heard this past 2 weeka is "out in straight sets those Tigers" - "Dangerfield will show Dusty a thing or two" "Rance is Harry's *smile*" blah blah blah ...

I hope we do not get overawed by the occasion and let our game style fall to bits. Our best will beat Geelong especially on the bigger ground. Skilled Stadium is not great for our small forwards as their ground has no pockets. Different kettle of fish at the G.

We must remain calm and not let nerves get to us - after all we are playing a team that has so much more experience in this situation and they will make us pay if we go into our shells.

We need to play on emotion - back ourselves and run and protect our team mates, that's our style. Geelong do not show much emotion, they are workman like. We need to build the Tiger crowd into a frenzy and get our players up!

Dangerfield's 200th tonight and I hope we spoil his party like we have so many other big occasions.

My heart is fluttering - go out and play your own game Tigers. I will be crossing everything tonight!

The Mole

Tiger Superstar
Apr 1, 2003
I'm relaxed. We had a good look at them on their turf a few weeks ago. No pressure on us. Free hit. Play at our best and we will win comfortably.

Panthera Tigris

Tiger Superstar
Apr 27, 2010
Flying over just after lunchtime. Apprehensive as all hell. But can't risk missing the scenes if we do come away with a win!

Tiger Pops

Tiger Champion
Apr 22, 2008
tigerlee said:

Dangerfield's 200th tonight and I hope we spoil his party like we have so many other big occasions.

The party pooper specialists for opposition mile stone games. So many stats about what they have done to us over 20 years, beware Cats, we dont like opposition milestone celebrations.


May 6, 2004
I’m glad this time around we’re not playing last. Those 3 elimination finals we played in 2013-15 we’re all Sunday afternoon. I reckon the players get a bit more edgy if they have to play last. It feels like we have been waiting ages for this game to come around as it is. Bit nervous this morning but there is no need to be. we have been wanting to be in this position for 16 years. win and we're in the prelim and an almost certain GF. losing will hurt but we'll be around to fight another day. embrace it.

see you at the pub at 4:30pm.