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Game day thread v Poos and Wees

BT Tiger

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Jun 5, 2005
Good to see we've now fully awake after that sluggish 1st quarter. Much better pressure around the ground and our backline is holding up well. Balta has had a number of good touches after a few early fumbles.


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Jan 18, 2007
Definite free. That's exactly what the rule was brought in for.
It was brought in for players sliding in and taking out the legs because one guy broke his leg, not what happened there, Balta was in the contest, and the hawks player milked it imo.
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Jul 21, 2003
We’re not far enough in front from the amount of play we had that quarter. Hawks had a good patch for 5-6 minutes where we dropped off but we dominated everywhere on scoreboard otherwise.

We just waste too many forward opportunities. Need to keep the intensity and work rate up for the entire 4th term to see this one out.
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Dec 18, 2002
Tel Aviv
Might be Lynch’s best game all things considered.
How was this not a holding the ball to us? I can’t believe the outright cheating by the umpires.
he blew the whistle and then called play on when he realised it was us !!


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Jun 18, 2007
It seems to me that the umpiring determination of some rules has changed at halftime. They now seem to be letting stuff go that they didn’t in the first half.
It's easier to understand when you realise the job of the umpires in the first half is to make sure viewers don't switch off.
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