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GAME DAY Tigers V Bombers Dreamtime

22nd Man

Tiger Legend
Aug 29, 2011
Essex Heights
Watched the match on delay this evening hence my absence from the forum and was NOT impressed with many aspects of tonights game to say the least, but am now about to go back to read the posts in here especially during that last Q,........ this is sure to provide my weekends comedy relief no doubt ! (far less stressful on the Ol' Ticker too, as this place would have been ready to explode after that start in the 4th by the Lad's... :oops:)
Jack why don't you run a continuous feed through the gane to enlighten all punt road Enders n real time? That would have 100 times more credibility than post match critique of others posts.
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Tiger Legend
Jun 4, 2006
To be fair to Bombers supporters, if that non-call on the holding the ball with Aarts was the other way, I would have had to go into witness protection.
It was inexplicable. They paid them in this afternoon's game, they started out paying them in this game. Then nothing.

Still thought we got the rub of the green for a second week running. Not paying a lot of frees to us, but paying less to the oppo.
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MD Jazz

Tiger Legend
Feb 3, 2017
Too many posters living in the past when it comes to opponents. Melbourne are a genuine threat, they are very very good. No longer dudbourne. And the bombers have the bones of a good side. They are no longer a rabble.

Crazy win tonight, scoop summed it up well.
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Tiger Champion
Apr 1, 2007
Los Angeles, California
They kick a goal Richo falls over himself to praise it, we do it, it’s crickets or he down plays it. It’s weird.
Would never have to be concerned with ever being tagged as a "Homer" the Ol' Richo...............he's terrible to listen too when doing Richmond games (to be honest, not a fan of his at commentating any game actually) but will always love him as a Tiger Immortal.
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Tiger Legend
Dec 18, 2002
Tel Aviv
Yes and your comment was he butchered the ball alot. Fact is he didn't..
When your disposal efficiency is 76% but your method is also 76% by handball, and then two of your lowly amount of kicks (at least -might have been all of them) were ineffective otherwise, then the fact is you’ve been ordinary where disposal is concerned. The terrible scrubber kick under no pressure in the first quarter ? The shocker in the last ? He fumbled a lot as well.

Whilst I like Marlion, he had a pretty ordinary game tonight. His rating was bottom quartile if you subscribe to that (probably not, I don’t.)

Suggesting he had a good game is a big stretch for mine and I’m not judging that on his ruck work either. His general game performance was certainly nothing special.
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It's been a very hard working from home
Staff member
May 4, 2004
Needed more of the "anti-dew" spray. I can say I have learnt something today, had never heard of such a wonderous invention.
The Gold Coast players might want to get their hands on some of that, they're treading water.
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