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Gill’s legacy

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Mar 24, 2005
King of the coverups
Seriously, how many scandals have been swept under the carpet during his reign? I reckon we could start not only a new thread on those but a whole website
He should seriously be investigated, along with the commission, by the authorities for his and their conduct

Eddie from Elwood

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Sep 23, 2015
Lots of mentions above of many failings. A fair number of these could be disputed, there must be one person out there who thinks the stand rule is ok, just one?

But, I have to go with Redmond on this one.

To me the biggest legacy of Gill and his biggest failing is that just about everyone who loves Australian Rules Football hates the AFL. The governing body of the game, the peak competition of our wonderful sport, the most popular sport in the country . . . has a governing body that everyone believes is corrupt and no-one has any respect for.

A truly terrible legacy.

Sounds like American politics!
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Dec 18, 2002
Tel Aviv
Jerry Gee has turned the fans against the game. That’s his legacy.

The fans still love their clubs, but they don’t love the game that this dishonest corporate sap has left us with.
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Walks softly carries a big stick.
Jul 13, 2003
Dunno about Gilligan's legacy, he's certainly leaving a dirty great skid mark on our game though.
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something funny is written here
Mar 6, 2004
Gil’s Prahran house was advertised for sale in the paper on the weekend if anyones interested, $10-$11m should do it.
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Leysy Days

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Feb 26, 2004

The Tasmanian Jack Jumpers season memberships for the 2023 NBL season just sold out in 26 minutes.

Think about that for a minute (or 26).
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