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How an audacious late-night pitch nearly lured Nick Riewoldt to Richmond


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Apr 20, 2004
How an audacious late-night pitch nearly lured Nick Riewoldt to Richmond

Jack Riewoldt has lifted the lid on an audacious late-night bid to lure his cousin Nick out of retirement just six weeks after his final AFL match.
The St Kilda great played his 336th and final game against the Tigers on 27 August, 2017 but not even two months later he was contemplating a remarkable return, albeit after a few drinks.

Speaking on Fox Footy Live, Jack recalled a discussion in which Nick’s contract for the 2018 season was written up on a napkin hours after Jack’s Tasmanian wedding.

On the night of my wedding, myself, Alex Rance and Nick – it was probably the next morning – made a phone call to our list manager Blair Hartley about Nick actually coming on,” Jack said on Fox Footy Live.

“He was on board. He was deadset on board. It was in the wee hours where nothing else happens. He was confirmed. He actually signed a contract on a bit of a napkin with the details.”

Asked to confirm or deny the story, Nick – feeling fresh after letting his knees rest throughout September – conceded he considered a late career switch to play alongside his cousin in the hope of winning a flag.

“It was a long voicemail (sent to Blair Hartley),”

“It was about a six minute one. Blair would have woken up the next morning and listened to this voicemail.

“Jack had a turn and then I had a turn and then Rancey was my greatest advocate saying: ‘I played on him six weeks ago and he’s still in good form.’

“The pitch was really strong and I’m not sure how seriously it was taken. But in the moment, with a belly-full, I was considering it.”

Nick and Jack have been spending time together on their bikes in recent weeks.

Though Jack had no hesitation in conceding his older cousin was better than him on wheels, he didn’t hesitate throwing the Fox Footy expert under the bus one more time.

“Without lying on national TV,” Jack said, “Nick told me he is in career-best nick at the moment!”
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