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How do you award your player of the year votes?


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Mar 27, 2003
The following is a post by nwonash but I thought it might be better to have a dedicated thread rather than be on the vote thread where it was.

nwonash said:
Can I ask the question, when people are giving the votes, what do you people taken into consideration when giving out the votes ?

I noticed a few votes going to people who got alot of the ball, but gave it straight back to Geelong players.

Dont mean to upset people with this post, but just want to know what you all take into consideration when voting.


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Mar 27, 2003
Well nwonash I'm not upset at all, ha.

In fact we had a big discussion on this last year.

I don't have set criteria. It depends on the circumstances each week.

This week I gave 3 votes to Krak cos he's really a class act.

I gave 2 to Tom Roach because he had a real crack and added pace and very clean ball use. I also rewarded him for being the one to congratulate players after they scored a goal where the regulars hardly showed any emotion.

I gave 1 to Brent Hartigan because he's a new kid and giving his all.

I would have voted for Tivva but I opted to reward the kids.

Quite often I vote for defensive players. I rarely vote for flashy things that result from the hard work of others. There are a lot of times people vote for Richo getting 5 goals, but I choose to vote for who got the ball to him for example.

A few people refused to vote this week which I found disappointing. Even though the team was crap some guys out there gave their all and I think deserve to get rewarded for their efforts.


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Jan 28, 2004
I simply vote on who I thought were our best players - predominantly those who try and have the most influence.

I also try and vote straight after the game before my views are prejudiced by others and the media.


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Mar 2, 2003
I vote for the players that have the most effect and were the most damaging to the opposition. 

I rarely vote for players like Johnson, Campbell, Kellaway, Chaffey, Bowden because all that these players are concerned about is racking up cheap stats and are very indirect and rarely damage the opposition.

I usually vote for players like Tivendale, Krakour, Richo, Newman, Rodan, Cogs because when they play good they add value to the team and are damaging to the opposition.  1 stat to these players equates to about 3 stats for the above mentioned players in terms of effectiveness.

I don't care at all about the number of stats.


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Jul 10, 2003
Agree with the others here - try to vote for the most effective players on the day/night, regardless of stats.

For this reason Tivva missed out this week, because he was largely ineffective with his disposal IMO - which hurt us badly.

Joshnbeks Dad

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Oct 14, 2003
I look at the number of posessions minus the number of stuff ups, cop outs and poor decisions made. If you end up in the positive you get a vote. This week I only awarded votes to two players Krak & Roachy - the rest ended up negative.