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Is it a cultural/mental issue?


Jul 29, 2004
The depth of talent is there in our list, no doubt in my mind. It's the under current in the cultural change within the club that is the concern. Our footy department has been decimated, this has hindered greatly the off field individual support our players were use to.

The joviality of the playing group is not as apparent as it has been. The gut running to compete for your team mates is almost non existent. There appears to be something missing in that cultural mental connection that allowed us to ride the wave of premiership success.

The Tigers have a problem between the ears!

Possibly caused by our "new" game plan!

year of the tiger

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Mar 26, 2008
I don’t think you can underestimate that we were one of the few clubs that went into a mini hub prior to the bye with 2 back to back trips to Perth from Sydney and our home game against Adelaide moved to Sydney the week before those games.

Add our injuries to key players, a shortened pre season and the lack of motivation you have from climbing the mountain 3 times in 4 years I sort of get it.

Just look at what happened to the Eagles and Doggies after their flags and the Pies, Giants and Crows for just getting there. The cost mentally and physically to a group is just enormous.

At the end of the day, this squad has delivered way more than I ever thought or dreamed of and your right, they may just be out of petrol tickets.

The quality is certainly there in our youth, and if we bottom out this year and still play finals I will take that in a heart beat. It wasn’t that long ago, I would spend hours trying to work out how the tigers could just get into the 8, we have such a long way it’s can be hard to appreciate it for what it is.

And remember, we are still in this season despite Friday’s debacle.


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Apr 5, 2004
No excuses for Friday night game v Sinners
Players too ummm “tired” to play


I'm just a suburban boy
Jul 27, 2004
Complacency has crept in. We most likely lost the game to WC because of Hardwick‘s penchant for resting his stars late in games if they are leading with 5-10 minutes to go. Nearly every week we see Cotchin, Martin, Riewoldt and Nank sitting on the bench late and stuffing around. They have checked out of the game by then. If they suddenly have to go back on because they have to save the game, it is not going to work.

We underestimated both St Kilda and Sydney and got belted. We weren’t up for the fight against Geelong or Brisbane. Hardwick experimented with three ruckmen against the Saints making the team slow and top-heavy. On a wet night, no less. They were talking about the season starting after the bye for weeks.

These are all signs of complacency. It is just about too late now to rediscover the effort.
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This is a REAL tiger
Mar 8, 2004
It’s amazing how much of a difference .5 of a metre can make. If the umpire had got the distance right against WCE and not paid Kennedy the mark, we win that game and this one means less, and we’re not having this conversation. There’s a lot of stuff that happened Friday night and there are many reasons for it, but the biggest offender was poor kicking for goal. A couple of early goals get kicked, the Saints go back into their shells and we walk out easy winners. The message is kick the *smile* goals!
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