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Last Man Standing 2020 Congratulations scottyturnerscurse


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May 2, 2007
Each round simply pick one team that you think is a certainty to win. If your chosen team wins, you remain in the competition and get to pick another team in the next round. If your pick loses or draws and any other competitor picks a winner you are eliminated from the competition.

You win the competition when your pick is the only winning selection made for that round.

If no selected pick wins, all competitors who made a pick progress to the next round.

To discourage systematic picking, you cannot pick the same team in any three consecutive rounds. So for example if you pick Richmond to win in round 1, you cannot pick Richmond in rounds 2 or 3.

Also, you cannot pick against the same team in any three consecutive rounds. So if you pick Richmond to beat Carlton in round 1 you cannot pick the team that plays Carlton in rounds 2 or 3.

To preserve mathematical fairness, your pick must be posted before the first bounce of any game for which you are eligible to make a pick. You are eliminated if you fail to get a pick in on time. This is because if late tips were allowed, probabilities associated with the possible competition outcomes for that round are affected by the progressively known game results.

In the event that the remaining competitors all pick the same team in two successive rounds, the competition will then finish and all the remaining competitors will be declared joint winners.

The competition will be closed to any new competitors from 7.25pm on Thursday March 19.

Thursday, March 19
Richmond vs. Carlton (MCG) (N)

Friday, March 20
Western Bulldogs vs. Collingwood (MRVL) (N)

Saturday, March 21
Essendon vs. Fremantle (MRVL)
Adelaide vs. Sydney (AO) (T)
GWS vs. Geelong (GIants Stadium) (N)
Gold Coast vs. Port Adelaide (MS) (N)

Sunday, March 22
North Melbourne vs. St Kilda (MRVL)
Hawthorn vs. Brisbane (MCG)
West Coast vs. Melbourne (Perth) (T)

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