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Last Man Standing 2020 Congratulations scottyturnerscurse


Tiger Legend
May 2, 2007
PREnderRound 1ResultCannot pick Round 2*
antmanWest Coast:)WCE, GWS
BalooSydney:)Syd, Port
brigadiertigerWest Coast:)WCE, GWS
Brodders17West Coast:)WCE, GWS
DanMinogueWest Coast:)WCE, GWS
evoWest Coast:)WCE, GWS
gold1Richmond:)Ric, Bull
healp11Richmond:)Ric, Bull
Ian4West Coast:)WCE, GWS
larabeeWest Coast:)WCE, GWS
LetsroarGWS:)GWS, GC
mainlandyWest Coast:)WCE, GWS
ManeevoRichmond:)Ric, Bull
MD JazzRichmond:)Ric, Bull
MidsyWest Coast:)WCE, GWS
MopsyWest Coast:)WCE, GWS
mr poshmanWest Coast:)WCE, GWS
nqtigerRichmond:)Ric, Bull
Number8West Coast:)WCE, GWS
OldTiger67Richmond:)Ric, Bull
QuickdrawRichmond:)Ric, Bull
Rfc4EverRichmond:)Ric, Bull
Sammy CougarWest Coast:)WCE, GWS
scottyturnerscurseRichmond:)Ric, Bull
tbartigerRichmond:)Ric, Bull
The Big RichoRichmond:)Ric, Bull
The LurkerWestern Bulldogs:(
TigamanSt Kilda:(
tiger1980GWS:)GWS, GC
TigerfanWest Coast:)WCE, GWS
tommystigersWest Coast:)WCE, GWS
wayneGWS:)GWS, GC
YinnarTigerRichmond:)Ric, Bull
*Assuming Round 2 remains as per the original fixture.
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Tiger Champion
Dec 11, 2017
Thanks, must say I am having trouble contemplating this, I hope you don't mind if I take a month or two to pick a team for the next round.

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Tiger Legend
May 2, 2007
Round 2
Thursday, June 11
Collingwood vs. Richmond, MCG, 7:40pm AEST
Friday, June 12
Geelong vs. Hawthorn, GMHBA Stadium, 7:50pm AEST
Saturday, June 13
Brisbane vs. Fremantle, Gabba, 1:45pm AEST
Carlton vs. Melbourne, Marvel Stadium, 4:35pm AEST
Port Adelaide vs. Adelaide, Adelaide Oval, 7:10pm ACST
Gold Coast vs. West Coast, Metricon Stadium, 7:40pm AEST
Sunday, June 14
Greater Western Sydney vs. North Melbourne, Giants Stadium, 1:05pm AEST
Sydney Swans vs. Essendon, SCG, 3:35pm AEST
St Kilda vs. Western Bulldogs, Marvel Stadium, 6:05pm AEST
Revised listing for round 2, with teams you are not allowed to pick under the consecutive rounds rule.

PREnderRound 1ResultCannot pick Round 2
antmanWest Coast:)WCE, Car
BalooSydney:)Syd, Port
brigadiertigerWest Coast:)WCE, Car
Brodders17West Coast:)WCE, Car
DanMinogueWest Coast:)WCE, Car
evoWest Coast:)WCE, Car
gold1Richmond:)Ric, Melb
healp11Richmond:)Ric, Melb
Ian4West Coast:)WCE, Car
larabeeWest Coast:)WCE, Car
LetsroarGWS:)GWS, Haw
mainlandyWest Coast:)WCE, Car
ManeevoRichmond:)Ric, Melb
MD JazzRichmond:)Ric, Melb
MidsyWest Coast:)WCE, Car
MopsyWest Coast:)WCE, Car
mr poshmanWest Coast:)WCE, Car
nqtigerRichmond:)Ric, Melb
Number8West Coast:)WCE, Car
OldTiger67Richmond:)Ric, Melb
QuickdrawRichmond:)Ric, Melb
Rfc4EverRichmond:)Ric, Melb
Sammy CougarWest Coast:)WCE, Car
scottyturnerscurseRichmond:)Ric, Melb
SirGWS:)GWS, Haw
tbartigerRichmond:)Ric, Melb
The Big RichoRichmond:)Ric, Melb
The LurkerWestern Bulldogs:(
TigamanSt Kilda:(
tiger1980GWS:)GWS, Haw
TigerfanWest Coast:)WCE, Car
tommystigersWest Coast:)WCE, Car
wayneGWS:)GWS, Haw
YinnarTigerRichmond:)Ric, Melb
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