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Last Man Standing Competition Round 9


Tiger Legend
May 2, 2007
PREnderRound 6ResultCannot pick Rnd 7
14tempanyPort AdelaidePort, Geel, Haw, Melb
AngryAntFremantleFreo, WCE, Melb, GC
BalooRichmondRich, Geel, North, Melb
BennnnyFremantleFreo, Melb, St K
Brodders17Port AdelaidePort, Geel, Haw, Melb
capitaltigeFremantleFreo, WCE, Melb, GC
craigFremantleFreo, Bull, Melb, Coll
DanMinoguePort AdelaidePort, Bull, Haw, Coll
DavidSSSBrisbaneBris, WCE, Ess, GC
IanGHawthornHaw, Bull, GWS, Coll
larabeeFremantleFreo, Bull, Melb, Coll
LetsroarPort AdelaidePort, Geel, Haw, Melb
ManeevoFremantleFreo, Bull, Melb, Coll
MD JazzFremantleFreo, Rich, Melb, Haw
MopsyBrisbaneBris, Geel, Ess, Melb
mrposhmanFremantleFreo, Bull, Melb, Coll
Rfc4EverFremantleFreo, Bull, Melb, Coll
Sammy CougarPort AdelaidePort, Geel, Haw, Melb
scottyturnerscurseFremantleFreo, Bull, Melb, Coll
tbartigerPort AdelaidePort, Bull, Haw, Coll
The Big RichoPort AdelaidePort, Geel, Haw, Melb
TigamanFremantleFreo, Bull, Melb, Coll
tommystigersSydneySyd, Rich, Coll, Haw
Total TigerFremantleFreo, Rich, Melb, Haw
YinnarTigerRichmondRich, Geel, North, Melb


Tiger Legend
May 2, 2007
PREnderRound 6ResultCannot pick Round 7
14tempanyPort Adelaide:)Port, Geel, Haw, Melb
AngryAntFremantle:)Freo, WCE, Melb, GC
BennnnyFremantle:)Freo, Melb, St K
Brodders17Port Adelaide:)Port, Geel, Haw, Melb
capitaltigeFremantle:)Freo, WCE, Melb, GC
craigFremantle:)Freo, Bull, Melb, Coll
DanMinoguePort Adelaide:)Port, Bull, Haw, Coll
DavidSSSBrisbane:)Bris, WCE, Ess, GC
IanGHawthorn:)Haw, Bull, GWS, Coll
larabeeFremantle:)Freo, Bull, Melb, Coll
LetsroarPort Adelaide:)Port, Geel, Haw, Melb
ManeevoFremantle:)Freo, Bull, Melb, Coll
MD JazzFremantle:)Freo, Rich, Melb, Haw
MopsyBrisbane:)Bris, Geel, Ess, Melb
mrposhmanFremantle:)Freo, Bull, Melb, Coll
Rfc4EverFremantle:)Freo, Bull, Melb, Coll
Sammy CougarPort Adelaide:)Port, Geel, Haw, Melb
scottyturnerscurseFremantle:)Freo, Bull, Melb, Coll
tbartigerPort Adelaide:)Port, Bull, Haw, Coll
The Big RichoPort Adelaide:)Port, Geel, Haw, Melb
TigamanFremantle:)Freo, Bull, Melb, Coll
Total TigerFremantle:)Freo, Rich, Melb, Haw

Friday, April 30

Richmond vs. Western Bulldogs (MCG)

Saturday May 1
Collingwood vs. Gold Coast (MCG)
Adelaide v GWS (AO)
St Kilda vs. Hawthorn (MRVL)
Sydney vs. Geelong (SCG)
Brisbane v Port Adelaide (Gabba)

Sunday May 2
North Melbourne vs. Melbourne (Hobart)
Essendon vs. Carlton (MCG)
West Coast v Fremantle (Perth)​


Tiger Legend
Dec 11, 2017
I'll go for Melbourne next week - would normally expect a let down after their GF but they are playing a VFL team.