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Lynch !!


Tiger Champion
May 7, 2012
I cannot remember a player that has come from another club that I have loved as rapidly and unconditionally as this bloke.

Toby Nankervis.

I went to open training at punt road in March 2017, just after our second preseason game. While there, I saw big Nank hanging out with the kids on the boundary.

On the spot, I bought the new home and away strip, because puma had finally gotten our yellow right, and got the nice lady behind counter to stick the number 25 on the back. She kinda raised her eyebrows and said 'Wear it out there, Toby will be wrapped'. I just said 'I already am.' and put it straight on.

It took two JLT games and a training session to sell me.

I've worn it to pretty much every home game since.
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Be the reason someone believes in the good people.
May 4, 2004
Too wet. Just not getting enough supply to have an impact, but can't hold it when he's close.


Tiger Legend
Nov 25, 2004
Poor effort today from Lynch, really let the side down. Didn't get one off the the ball brutal bump on Dangerfield for the whole game
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Tiger Champion
Dec 11, 2017
Wasn't great tonight but you have to remember how much heat he would have been taking and how that subtracts from the heat their defence could give to other players.

A great contributor all year, a well deserved 2 time premiership player.

As for all the criticism this year, yeah, the media can go and get . . .

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