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Mackenzie Cowley


Tiger Legend
Oct 8, 2004
With the news rules other clubs will probably poach him. The bloody afl ffs

Not necessarily. There will be a whole heap of kids that won't get picked up this year, that will have an opportunity to prove themselves next year


Tiger Matchwinner
Apr 24, 2012
Was playing senior footy at Tongala (Murray Football League) as a 15-16 year-old, which is a pretty reasonable standard of country footy. Have spoken to some people and this kid can play.
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Tiger Cub
Mar 16, 2013
Are we certain he’s eligible for next season? I was under the impression that he was a 2022 prospect which would be the only way we’re able to draft him is if he’s not selected in the first two rounds.


Tiger Legend
Aug 19, 2004
Another Aboriginal Lad...........fabulous news especially as highly rated.

The Institute has made the RFC now the DESTINATION for aboriginal lads and lasses country wide.

Good luck to young Mackenzie and exciting news for both he and the TIgers.

With Maurice Jnr arriving and great mentorship on tap with X man, Shedda, Daniel and Shai and Marlion as well as Dekka and Stackie (if he gets his compass re calibrated and re focussed and fit and firing) there what a stable of talent the RFC is establishing.

Exciting times at the RFC.
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St Kevin

Tiger Legend
Apr 1, 2014
The AFL are changing the rules regarding NGAs aren't they? We wouldn't want him to get too good, otherwise we're no chance.
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King Kong

Tiger Champion
Aug 26, 2016
Its an absolute disgrace that the year before our first genuine NGA prospect arrives the AFL change the rules. We missed out on Jye Simpkin (North) and Ratugolea the year before the academies were introduced. Now this!

Fair to say we have been shafted while the likes of Lolingwood, Dogs, GWS, Sydney, GC, Lions continue to get gifted academy players
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