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Maurice Rioli Jnr

Panthera Tigris

Tiger Champion
Apr 27, 2010
His improvement has been off the charts this year in all areas. We will have to wait a couple more years to see where his ceiling is, but I am predicting very high.
I agree absolutely. I think he’s a beauty.

Interesting during the week, chatting to other footy observers. A few mixed views. Some in total agreement, some a bit meah.

I think those still a bit indifferent seem to fall into the trap of comparing him to Maurice Snr. Unfair comparison on two fronts. 1) Maurice Jnr is his own man, 2) People forget we never got to see Maurice Snr in Richmond colours at the age Maurice Jnr is. By the time he came to Richmond he was already a seasoned, fully matured man, with a lot of senior WAFL and NTFL under his belt.
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Tiger Superstar
Sep 23, 2005
Needs a spell in my opinion. Just doesnt do enough with the ball. Works hard but we need more.
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BT Tiger

Staff member
Jun 5, 2005
He isn't quick enough for his size and struggles overhead. I want him to succeed but not convinced he's got enough tricks in the bag to compensate for his deficiencies.
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Tiger Legend
Apr 1, 2003
I think MRJ missed Lynch tonight. Also reckon the small ground didnt suit him. Needs space to chase and run
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Tiger Superstar
Apr 15, 2009
If Maurice continues with the style of play he played tonight ,ie chase,chase, chase then we cannot have he and George in the same team.
Get rid of George.

St Kevin

Tiger Legend
Apr 1, 2014
Yep, offensively did little but his defensive pressure is off the charts. And we're talking quality pressure.

The goal he kicked, beating two taller players off a hack Ross kick was great. That's what Castagna has lost.
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