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Maurice Rioli Jnr


Welcome to Richmond Football Club - Daniel Rioli
Dec 1, 2007
Not unusual that MJ looked comfortable at training as he has been there training with the team a few times the last 2 years

Regarding the leap , His faather was never a big leaping player and i dont think MJ will be either but more ground level tackling front center crumbing type.

Im just hoping he has some midfield craft as his father had as he does look like a bit of a meatball type body
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We won!!!!!
Jun 8, 2006
Theres 10,0000 shorter monarchs. Maybe more.

I reckon ill be saying 'good lord' and 'jesus *smile* christ'

Once MRJ gets out on The G.

And there will be the moments im speechless, or laughing or crying uncontrollably.

Whilst on spirituality, i went to a funeral on saturday, and some unevolved person who had unfortunately been reared in queensland,

Derided how in victoria, people get buried in footy jumpers, or to the tune of their clubs theme song.

I replied. Well i dont get how some people get buried clutching a skinny hippy on a cross, to the tune of 'the lords my Shephard'. At least you can see Marlion Pickett when hes sheparding.

Silence ensued.
What a beautiful eulogy
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It's Tiger Time
Mar 17, 2003
I wonder if even Dusty will bow perceptibly when he returns?
He might not have meant to, but it was a beautiful curtsy from Diverfield when Dusty kicked his 4th goal in the GF.
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Tiger Champion
Jul 24, 2003
Tony Free on debut.

Adam Slater, Mark Stockdale, Jeff Berry, Frank Bain are the others to wear it in a senior match.
Lot of big names there. I remember Slater, & Bain, and Jeff Berry wearing 38.

Turns out Berry wore 38 at Footscray, never at Richmond.
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Tiger Legend
Oct 8, 2004
Just watched him play in the GF against Nightcilff. He has a long way to go before he is ready to play senior AFL footy.
Hopefully he has the right attitude and desire to put in the hard preseasons.