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MD Jazz

Tiger Legend
Feb 3, 2017
So you can elbow someone in the head now. Fair nuff.
Not if you are in a tigers jumper - Soldo says hello.

And Soldo was only trying to protect himself from Worpel jumping at him. And only got him in the neck. And didn't cause a hair of damage.

At least Dangerfield had a reason for his arm being raised in that he had just punched the ball.

Why did they downgrade it to accidental from careless? It could be both IMO. Under the AFL definition of Careless Conduct:

Careless conduct A Player’s conduct will be regarded as Careless where his conduct is not intentional, but constitutes a breach of the duty of care owed by the Player to all other Players. Each Player owes a duty of care to all other Players, Umpires and other persons (as applicable) not to engage in conduct which will constitute a Reportable Offence being committed against that other Player, Umpire or other person (as applicable). In order to constitute such a breach of that duty of care, the conduct must be such that a reasonable Player would not regard it as prudent in all the circumstances. Further, a Player will be careless if they breach their duty to take reasonable care to avoid acts which can be reasonably foreseen to result in a Reportable Offence.

This appears the perfect example of careless conduct. Surely you owe a duty of care not to raise your elbow at an oncoming tackler? Who fends a tackle with an elbow (other than bumper bar Gaz)?

The deflection about him being pushed by Petracca and being lower is laughable.

Christian is clearly incompetent.
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