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Nankervis !!


Tiger Legend
Apr 6, 2014
After Dusty and Cotchin, next statue to be commissioned outside Punt Rd oval in 15 years or so?
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Tiger Matchwinner
Jun 14, 2010
Just a smart courageous player.Knows his strengths and works other players over.How about those marks in our defence Nank the Tank.
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No 4

I did what I did for the Tigers - Bridget
Feb 11, 2005
Herculian. Man Mountain.

Clearly Best on Ground.
Just the way he took those marks and won the ball in the centre. You're a beauty Nank! You love playing for Richmond. and the boys have high respect for you.
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MD Jazz

Tiger Legend
Feb 3, 2017
During the 3rd he looked gassed. Amazing last quarter instrumental in the win. No wonder his teammates love him.
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Tiger Rookie
Jan 22, 2008
Just a reminder that he is unsigned for next year. Hopefully its gets done soon. They typically release one or two in the week leading up to the Grand Final


Tiger Champion
May 19, 2008
massive game & because DTLD played his part, Nank still only played 69% game time

Great point
Again it shows the overall team approach with individual players performing a role that suits the team rather than their own personal stats
Dimma and the coaching staff have a great culture going
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Aug 31, 2007
Western Australia
We are lucky here I reckon. Soldo's injury and CCJ's stuff up have led us to rediscover what we already had.

I have always felt that Nank was this team's Whale Roberts. Thankfully now you would think we will avoid the horrible mistake that was made with moving on the Whale all those years ago. In hindsight so many people from back then reckon Whale leaving damaged the fabric of our playing group.
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