Never-before-shown: Ch9's colour recording of the 1973 VFL Grand Final. Richmond v Carlton | PUNT ROAD END | Richmond Tigers Forum
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Never-before-shown: Ch9's colour recording of the 1973 VFL Grand Final. Richmond v Carlton


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Jul 1, 2004
Came across this on YouTube the other night. This is brilliant!

Laurie Fowler downing Big Nick (although the commentators said *smile* Clay did it), Balmy whacking Southby, Sheeds kicking 3 in the 1st qtr, Royce, St Francis, KB doing their thing.

Tiges got up by 30 pts and the free kick count was 46-32 to us :p

Thanks to Rhett Bartlett from his channel Rhettrospective for uploading this.

This is from Rhett:

"This footage was provided by Channel 9 management to me, and with their permission has been allowed to be uploaded
It is the never-before-broadcast colour transmission of the 1973 Grand Final, one year before the introduction of colour TV.
The director of the time John Crilly confirmed to me that although filmed in colour, the Grand Final highlights were still broadcast in black and white on Grand Final night on Channel 9, as no one had colour television, and the transmission stations up on Mt Dandenong had yet to be upgraded to colour.
The only colour transmission was on the day, into Crilly's director van at the MCG. Ch9 were testing what the colour transmission looked like before the introduction of color TV the next year.
Therefore, this Youtube upload is the first public transmission of the colour filming of the entire game"


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