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Noah Balta - Welcome to Tigerland


Tiger Champion
Dec 11, 2017
On a third watch, chucking him in the ruck really did change things. Helped create more pace and explosiveness from the contest. Helped create our helter skelter pace that Geelong couldn’t go with. Played like a extra mid when the ball hit the deck as well. Underrated Balta fact, he keeps his feet, rarely goes to ground.

So important to keep your feet. During the bad times I always remember the Richmond players would be on the ground while the better teams were running away with the ball.



"just kick it to Royce"
Apr 19, 2004
Spoke well after the game. Loves the club. I like the idea of having him play a variety of roles. We need a genuine swingman and he seems to be able to rise to any role.
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Dont Argue

Tiger Superstar
Jun 26, 2018
Only bloke out there to win his first flag.

What an exciting season for him to build upon. Could be anything.
What happens when you give a young player with terrific traits and rare potential a Premiership medal ?
You give them confidence.
Look no further than Bolton who has gone from emerging player to bona fide star once he stood on the podium.
Balta belongs now. He has proof. Watch next year with excitement. No looking back for this future match winner.
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Tiger Champion
Dec 3, 2005
Why did we waste time with Mabs? At least Dimma played the ace on GF to support the Nank when it counted.
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Tiger Legend
Jun 18, 2007
It's like owning a 2yo Might and Power, only this one has already won a Golden Slipper and is an entire.
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Super Tiger
Apr 20, 2004
Did he hook up with Abbey Holmes afterwards?
She seemed smitten when chatting to him.
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Tiger Legend
Mar 2, 2003
Dimma said today he's unsure what position he plays. Whatever that is - back, forward or ruck - quite confident he'll be great.
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Tiger Legend
Apr 15, 2007
melbourne, victoria
Dimma said today he's unsure what position he plays. Whatever that is - back, forward or ruck - quite confident he'll be great.
Could be anything.
Up to him. Next year will be the test for him as sides will put work into him.
Work hard over pre season , not rest on what you achieved this year and back it up.

Special Talent.
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Tiger Superstar
Apr 6, 2010
Ahead of his time was Kouta.

Freak athlete in his day.

Me and my 18 year old just watched the 1999 prelim as part of his footy education. He couldn't believe how good Kouta was, especially in the last quarter. He'd only ever seen Kouta on the souvlaki hut ads on the front bar.
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