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Noah Balta - Welcome to Tigerland

St Kevin

Tiger Legend
Apr 1, 2014
Who dares wins, SKev. You don't drink Grange out of a gumboot.

Very true. But I'm not sure you rob Peter to pay Paul either. I must say I would like his size and athleticism around the ball more. Whether he wins more of it or plays further up the ground who knows.


Tiger Superstar
Sep 3, 2007
Talk of moving Balta from defense is lunacy

He is tracking ahead of Rance for his age
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Don't push me 'cos I'm close to the edge...
Aug 16, 2009
Talk of moving Balta from defense is lunacy

He is tracking ahead of Rance for his age
With CCJ & Chol gone and Jack and Tom on their last legs it's inevitable at some stage Balta will be moved forward out of necessity. As much as I agree Balta is best suited in defence, especially at this stage in his career. Tarrant playing should give the flexibility for Balta to swing forward when needed, also dependent upon matchups
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Licensed to kazoo
Sep 21, 2004
Phil Matera. Aaron James. James Hird. Anthony Koutifides. Adam Goodes. Fraser Gehrig.

Players who didn't know if they were small or tall. (That, in itself, doesn't guarantee success.) All were late bloomers. Matera was tall. James was not as good. Hird was both. Kouta was small. Goodes was small. Gehrig was tall. Who could know?

One other I'd bring into the conversation for Balta - Paul Bulluss. He didn't watch football. (Unlike our own Bulluss.)
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