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Ode to CC


Tiger Legend
Mar 27, 2003
I’ve a little observation
It puzzles me you see
When people write our captains name
They oft leave out the B

CamPo sounds effeminate,
Or worse still like a Blue,
The oppositon fans call him a girl
CamPo sounds like we do too

Now CampBo with a B sounds good
You can even drop the silent P
Yeah CamBo has a ring of toughness,
That’s the one for me.

Which one do the fans prefer
Or maybe it doesn’t matter at all
You can call him any name you like
But he’ll still get the ball. ;)


Older than I've ever been
Dec 17, 2002
He'll get it nearly 30 times
In any given game
And he'll cough up 25 of those
Praps that's why we misspell his name!

Now there's one Tiger man whose name the world will know
Before the season's done
I'll slow it down and spell it out
His name is Mark Cough-lan.

He's tough, he's hard, he's good, he's mean
And the girls say good for oglin'
He's the next skipper of the RFC
His name again? Mark Coughlan

tiga chikk

first songwriters now poets what next?

well done guys wish i was this creative ;D

truely im impressed


Tiger Legend
Mar 27, 2003
I was trying to keep it nice Deano
I just find it rather curious
Secretly some would agree with you
Shhhh...don't tell JohnF or TigerFurious.


Older than I've ever been
Dec 17, 2002
I won't tell if you don't
I'm sure he'll notice though
TF won't be able to help himself
Leap to the defence of his beloved Campo ;D


Tiger Legend
Mar 27, 2003
He can gringe and whizzle all he wants
We've caught him out this time
To defend CC within this thread
It must be done in rhyme.


Mar 29, 2003
He's often bagged, he's often slagged and he often takes the fall,
But when the chips are down, and tigers frown, it's he who answers the call.
Some call him soft, some call him weak and yet others call him queer,
But when you're in a storm, the ship's forlorn, its the captain who's asked to steer.
So come this Saturday, when we play at Subi, and the tiger's take the field,
We may get done, we may get thumped, but one man will never yield,
So call him a ****, call him a ****, come on all give it your best,
He'll take it in his stride, and he will rise, when his mettle's put on test.
He's not a Voss, he's not a Mcleod, but he's definately not a tramp,
He's the Richmond catpain, his name is Cambo, but to me he's known as Champ.

Welcome back champ


Tiger Legend
Mar 27, 2003
You stuck up for him and did him proud
He needed it the blighter
Nah, he'd have to be ok at his job
He learned the craft from Knighter ;D


Dec 17, 2002
Nowhere near as good as JohnF but here goes.

Since Knighter left without giving his best
some supporters have been bitter.
They blamed Campbell for the whole on field shambles
and now claim Coughlan's got more ticker.

As I sit and type and think of the night
when poor Matthew said farewell
I think how swell, that our teams done so well
Since Knighter was forced to retire.

But now I digress, but I wish him the best
in all his future endevours.
Still it must be hard to think back to the past
and know your arch rival was better.

While some would swear that Campbell wears
bright pink and frilly dresses.
I struggle to think of what would go with
4 times best and fairest.