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Pick 29: Shai Bolton

MD Jazz

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Feb 3, 2017
Really don't know why its taken so long to highlight his inefficiency in front of goal in the media etc. Its been a career long weakness in an otherwise awesome skill set. Been highlighting it for years.

Castagna 126.106 = 54.31%
Shaimond 96.87 = 52.46 %
Yeh, and if you reduced those stats down to snaps and round the corner kicks George would be around 70+% and Shai below 50 I reckon. Shai just kicks it way to high on snaps.

Mr Brightside

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Jul 1, 2005
I remember in his first couple of seasons thinking this kid could be bloody good or could be a bust , however never thought he could be the player he has become / becoming . Nobody should be compared to Dusty that’s just silly he is simply an all time great not just one of the best of he’s era. The big thing that amazes me with Bolton is even when he has a perceived “ quiet” game he still is having a major impact , thought it was a bit silly to say he’s the best going around , however on form I doubt there is many impacting there team more . Loved the fact when Port tried to do the modern day “roughing up” he just laughed it of , I think that somes his footy attitude up , loves the game and dosent worry about the bull *smile* . He’s allready my favourite 29 at Punt rd
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Dec 18, 2002
Tel Aviv
Can guarantee that Gillon and Dillon and Brad Scott will conspire to keep him and D.Rioli out of the AA side.

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Super Tiger
Apr 20, 2004
but Hawkins and Stengle will be in
Don't forget Jezza!
Everyone in the media loves calling Jeremy Cameron, Jezza!
No one knew him at GWS, but as soon as he landed at Geeelong.
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Feb 25, 2007

B&F fancies: Who's leading the race for your club's top award?​

See which players are likely to take out your club's highest individual honour

Shai Bolton​

While he's had the occasional quiet patch in his 20 games this season, Bolton's match-winning ability generally pulls in the votes. Sitting ninth in the AFLCA player of the year count (the highest of any Tiger), Bolton has taken on extra responsibility in the continued absence of Dustin Martin. Impossible to stop either in the middle or up forward, Bolton's footy smarts, athleticism and innate sense of timing has seen him turn more than one game on its head this year. He's averaging 18.4 disposals and 3.9 clearances, ranked third in the competition for total score involvements and has kicked 39.39. – Sarah Black

Other contenders: Daniel Rioli, Dion Prestia, Marlion Pickett, Jayden Short, Liam Baker, Tom Lynch, Nathan Broad


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Apr 15, 2007
Most exciting player right now in the AFL and the best part is he is a Tiger!

I bet the Hawks put a lot of work in him this Sunday. Will try to ruffle him with the Irishman I think. I’m sure it’s him who has been used to great affect other players this year and has had a great year nullifying his opponent.

St Kevin

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Apr 1, 2014
Closely tagged today so a bit quieter than usual. However when he shook his tag, his magic was there to see again

He was getting held a lot and the umpires gave him nothing. Once he starts drawing those free kicks it's over for the rest of the competition.
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Dec 8, 2004
Finn McGuiness has scalped Josh Kelly, Touk Miller and Shai Bolton.

Shai played a role today, he was serviceable.

Would‘ve been nice for him just to run around not having to be THE MAN.

The 7.1 game would’ve been wasted today. Still in the bag for 3 weeks.
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Sep 27, 2004
We have had the best aboriginal players ever and it still continues today.
I loved Mitchell he couldve gone back to WA but he stayed.. loyal and an absolute gun footballer.

Did you hear him on Bigfooty Tigercast a couple of weeks ago? He said he would have foregone his salary for the whole season to help the club in 1990.
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