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Pick 3 2021

Tiger Ghost

Tiger Superstar
Nov 19, 2010
Your mums house
Round 14 Washup 10 picked the card which was a bit of a soda round.

34 Total Tiger
31 Maneevo
Yinnar Tiger
30 David SSS
Sammy Cougar
28 Mopsy
27 Dan Minogue
25 Tigerman
24 The Big Richo
Brodders 17
22 Mr Poshman
21 Tigers 1980
20 Tiger Ghost
19 Number 8
18 gold 1
13 tommytigers
How did i go from 26 at round 13 too picking 3/3 in round 14 and back to 20 points?


Don't Boo! It is hurtful to the inept and corrupt.
Oct 6, 2004
Damn missed the first game not that it would have made a difference.

Heave Ho Freo


Tiger Champion
May 23, 2010
Round 15 Washup No one picked three winners so that is what I try to achieve each round. David SSS summed up the round .

35 Total Tiger
33 Yinnar tiger
32 Sammy Cougar
30 David SSS
29 Mopsy
28 Dan Minogue
27 Tigerman
26 Quickdraw
The Big richo
Brodders 17
24 Mr poshman
22 Tiger Ghost
20 gold 1
Number 8
19 Tigaman
14 tommytigers
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